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Hello my name is Megan.  DH and I just moved to Williston ND from Anchorage AK. (No we are not in the oil business).  WE have been TTC since May 2010.  Fingers are crossed for a BFP any time now.  We have two LO's Cora our Dog and Java our cat.  Look forward to chatting some with you guys. 

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  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you!  We are in the Grand Forks area (sort of).  And you may already know of this or used them but we used the ovulation tests from and the pregnancy tests.  They were VERY inexpensive.  
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  • Guess I was totally wrong about the oil business on my post on TN.  Sorry!!  We're in the industry so I guess I have a bias!  What kind of dog do you have?  We've got Meg, who is a golden retriever, and 2 rescue kitties named Ginger and Sage.


    Good luck on the TTC!

  • our dogs is an Alaskan Husky mix.  We got her from a rescue in Alaska.

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  • Rescue dogs are the best pets.  So how do you like ND so far?
  • so far so good.  We are currently living with Dh's Grandma, since rent is CRAZY out here.  We are looking ot buy a house soon, I hope.  Williston in small but has tons of people so it is a bit over loaded at the current time.  We were in BIsmarck this weekend, that was a lot of fun. 

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  • Yeah my husband had to be in Williston a lot with a previous job in the oil industry.  Its crazy out there.  Have you been down through the badlands yet?  I love driving that way down through Dickinson from Williston to get to Bismarck.  Not very efficient but so pretty.  Its nice to at least get to a starbucks and such.  My friend lives in Dickinson and they load up on starbucks whenever they're in town here.  Fargo even has some more "bigger" town stuff like Gordmans, Burlington Coat Factory and lots of restaurants.  Hopefully you'll like it here!
  • You're up in my neck of the woods!  At least you know what winters are so this last blast didn't scare you off. :-)
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  • hay ladies im from dickinson!!! we are actually moving to bismarck in a bout a month or so....

    I have lived in ND my whole entire life and I LOVE IT here. I lived on a horse and roping stock (roping cattle for rodeos) ranch my whole life and i also rodeod as well. I am married to my wonderul husband for 2 years but weve been together for 4 yrs. we have 3 beautiful girls and 1 on the way, due in the beginning of October. My husband works in the oil industry as well. unfortunatley if u live in southwestern or even the western part of the state the oil industry is kinda your best option just bc rent is sooooooooooooo outrageious here. I actually had lived in Williston at one point in time, but only for 4 months and I just had to move back to Dickinson, just bc this is where my family and my horses were!! haha....but this was actually quite a few yrs ago, and now im able to be away. HAHA

    Newhos i truly hope you like ND it is really nice here, there is not much for scenery except for the badlands but the ppl are amazing and there arent big citites so everything tends to stay pretty calm, except when the pipeline came thru our town then it got pretty nuts. but all and all its a great place to live and raise children....!

    So when are the rest of you ladies due? and what part of ND did you all say u were from, i cant rmember....darn pregnancy brain! haha

    talk to you ladies soon, and enjoy this beautiful weather, i just hope and pray we dont get nemore snow. it kinda seems mother nature is having a fit about something!!! HAHA ROFL

  • Welcome over to Bismarck.  That's where I am.  Hey at least Bismarck has a Starbucks....I think Dickinson is still missing out!  There's plenty to do around the state, you just have to look for it.  And I actually like the badlands plus I like the flat Red River Valley too.  The sandhills by Lisbon also are great.   Every part has their own beauty to each person.
  • haha no doubt! i love starbucks....Im excited to move to biz but the thing we dont like is that my husband is going to have to stay in dix for a few weeks at a time bc of gas prices! ugh, they are 4.04 a gallon here! its totally insane
  • We're only 4 cents cheaper here.  Bummer he has to stay in Dickinson!  My hubby worked for Chevron in Nigeria for 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off and we survived so you will too! 
  • Welcome to Williston! If you survived this past winter, then you should be good for the consecutive winters! lol I cant remember a winter as bad as this one in a long time. Plus the water!
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