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Good signs today

My SIL is an energetic and spiritual healer.  She is so unbelievably awesome and positive to be around and you gals wouldn't even believe the amazing, miraculous acts she has been a part of.  Anyway, I called her today to see if she could recommend some tools/exercises for lifting out the negative and bringing in peace, which she gave me and I am working on...AWESOME.  As soon as I sat down to chat with her, Bob Marley's 3 Little Birds came on Nick Jr,. and I smiled.  That was sign 1. 

Sign 2 was in the form of an email newsletter that I receive.  I was actually annoyed when I saw this newsletter today and clicked it open so I could unsubscribe.  This is the message that was inside....C&P word for word

How are you feeling today?  How would you like to feel today?  Happy? Joyful? Peaceful? 


PEACE:  A feeling of ease and calm within,
no matter what exists around you.


A feeling doesn?t happen to you, it is produced within your mind. Your feelings are derived from your thoughts. The mind then sends the signal to your heart and body to mimic the feeling that the mind produced. It is not the other way around.


You might say to yourself ?he made me feel bad with his accusations?, but in fact it is your thoughts about what he said that create the feelings within you.  His words are merely words that hold no power. The power of the words comes from your interpretation of them and the feelings you choose to attach to them. In truth, you hold the power to control your feelings. Every time. No exceptions.


If you want to feel better, you must think better thoughts. If you want to feel happy, you must look upon what is around you and find the positive and good aspects of it ? no matter the situation. YOU are in control of your feelings. You are the master of your mind and the thinker of your thoughts.  Do with them what you will to create the life you desire. 


Wishing you feelings of Peace as you direct your thoughts to Goodness.

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Re: Good signs today

  • Wow that's really neat. It can't be a coincidence.
    M/C 11/06, Jackson 9-22-07 Jordan 6-26-09, Jeremiah 1-5-12

    Here we go with 2 under 2 again. BFP July 28 - totally unexpected!!

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  • I completely believe in sign as well.  So glad you are getting happy, uplifting ones :o)
  • I completely believe in sign as well.  So glad you are getting happy, uplifting ones :o)
  • JMayJMay member

    Thank you so much for posting this - I love it!  You answered the question I'd been struggling with all day.  And I love "Three Little Birds" - I think DD and I are going to go listen to it right after breakfast!

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    "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

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  • Ahh, the power of positive thinking!  Keep it up!!!  :)

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  • Thank you for sharing those words of wisdom
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