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seeking daycare in Reston.....

We are just starting to look for a daycare facility....already feel that I am late to the race on this!  Due October 22nd and will be taking the full 12 weeks off...but am hearing of wait list a year plus out.  Any recommendations for the Reston area would be GREATLY appreciated!

Re: seeking daycare in Reston.....

  • Out of all the daycares I looked into (about a year and a half ago) in the Reston area, Reston Children's Center and Windwood had the longest wait list (Winwood was a good 1.5 years). I really liked Childtime and they had availability, although we ended up not picking a daycare center in Reston. There are a ton of centers in Reston so I'm sure you'll find something that meets your needs and timing.
  • We looked at Reston Children's Center and are on thier wait list now.  We have been on since Jan. and got a call on  Monday that they had a part time spot open in Sept.  Since I need daycare in Aug. its not going to work out for us - but they were very upfront with how long they think the list will be.  FYI they are probably the most expensive place we looked.

    Minnieland had the longest wait list of the places in Reston we visited but it was also my favorite.  We are on the wait list here too but may have to start out somewhere else and switch later.  Good luck.

  • I have a couple co-workers who send their kids to Winwood and LOVE it. Worth checking out - they have a good reputation for all their facilities.



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    We love Minnieland but I have heard they have a long wait list. It was October last I heard. PM me if you want more info. I don't check DC board often so page me on 9-12 months.


    We're at Minnieland too and couldn't be happier. 

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