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OBGYN with evening hours?

Hi all,

We are still looking for our perfect OBGYN and I was wondering if any of you knew of any doctors in the Raleigh area that had evening hours available?  My husband works about an hour outside of town and wants to come to most of the appointments, but it isn't easy to come into town during the workday without taking a day off.  Does anyone have an suggestions??  Thanks!!

Re: OBGYN with evening hours?

  • I don't know of any with evening hours, not sure that there are any. They have to cover hospital call so they limit their clinic time.

    You could always make the very first or last appts for the day. That way the appts aren't in the middle of the day and he only has to take 1/2 day off. Many of your appts will be only like 15 minutes long-check baby's heartbeat, your urine, and ask if you have any questions. Not sure if he'd want to be at all of those or not-but he could definitely skip them!

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  • ditto pp.  your longest appts will be the first one, and any involving an ultra sound or blood work. otherwise, they're like 5 minutes long and you'll spend the majority of your time in the waiting room lol.


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