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Hello ladies I love all the feedback about this hospital but I'm very confuse about the birthing center and the actual hospital. Are they different depending on wheter you have a midwife or a General Obstetrician? 

My doctor is Katrina Bradley and I was planing to change for midwife Sandra Woods, any feedback on them?

I will like to know the diference between continuing with my doctor or changing to a midwife when it comes to the birthing center and how I,m goign to be attended.

Thank you Ladies. 

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Re: Roosevelt Hospital NY...

  • My OB delivers at both the Birthing Center and the Labor and Delivery Floor. I haven't decided if I'm going the natural route but I figure this is the best of both worlds in case complications arise. She's part of a practice of three other women doctors who I think all do the same. 
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  • I have Dr Rhee :) I saw Dr. Bradley once and really liked her.

    Bradley and all the others in there can do the birthing center, not all obgyns or midwives can-- you have to check with the hospital to see if your midwife has permission to use it.

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  • Our friends had Dr. Bradley and absolutely loved her. We tried but she was all booked up for our delivery month. We met with her once, though, and she's great.

    As i understand it, all 4 drs in the practice can deliver at both the birthing center and the hospital.  In order to use the birthing center you have to take a special 1/2 day class. More importantly, your dr. has to clear you to use it - if you have any risk factors they may not.

    Sounds like you should have a conversation with Dr. Bradley about your plans and wishes. I can't see her trying to "sell" you on staying if that's not what you want - that practice is SO busy. 

  • elisamariaortiz we are one day behind you!!  Maybe we'll see you at Roosevelt :)
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