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Crocs for kids?

Anyone have any reviews? I am generally anti-Croc in my daily life, but my nephew used to have a wardrobe of bright orange Crocs (ala Mario Batali) and they were pretty cute on him. There's a big sale at and I'm thinking of getting some for C.

 If you've bought them- do you size up or down? The sizes look like 6/7 or 8/9. C is growing out of a 6 now, so I'm hoping/guessing the 6/7 would fit? 


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Re: Crocs for kids?

  • We get knock offs for the pool.  So I guess you could say I'm "pro Croc."  I say do it, they're totally cute on kids.
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  • They run pretty true to the larger size.  DD liked them because they were fun, BUT there was a definite learning curve in learning how to walk in them.  DD tripped a lot at first.  I would order the 8/9 if you want them for summer wear.  Your son will only be in his current size for 3 months.
  • Yeah, I'm anti-adult croc but they are really cute on kids.  DS had a pair for the pool and beach last summer and I'm getting him another pair this year. 

    I thought they ran a little big and DS has an extra wide foot.  


  • I buy them for the kids in the winter with the fleece lining.  Then come the spring/summer, I just remove the fleece (makes the shoe a little bigger too) and they can wear them all summer.  I would get them at Target though, much cheaper and the same thing
  • DD loves her crocs. And, since she almost always refused to wear socks- the fleece lined ones have come in handy :-)

    If you sign up for the crocs email on their website- they do send out great coupons. Her current pair was only $9.

    I think the sizes run a little big compared to other shoes. DD currently wears a 7 and she is still wearing the 6/7 size.

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  • These are all my nearly 3 yr old niece will wear.  I had to buy her a pair of fleece lined as well since she wont wear socks and lives in W PA.  Anti-socks in a snowy state just doesn't mix.  Anyway, they have a croc outlet at Arundel Mills Mall and I found them there for her.  I don't care for them myself, but the kid version seem cute.  Plus, easy to clean, easy to put on, etc.  You can find more about sizing on the crocs website.  I remember having to look it up before buying.  The people at the outlet are very helpful as well.  Sometimes they have great sales there too.  When I bought hers it was buy one get one 50% off.  
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