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PSA re: nurse maid elbow

Since we had a slightly stressful evening last night dealing with this with DD#2 and ended up at the ER when our pedi had no available appts, I thought I would pass along the following info about nurse maid elbow--a not uncommon issue for kids under 2.  It's really easy to treat (takes about 2 seconds literally), but when you don't know what is going on and your LO can't seem to use one of his/her arms, it's pretty unsettling, to say the least:

Re: PSA re: nurse maid elbow

  • Good PSA, I've never heard of this and I think I'd freak out if my kid lost the use of one of their arms!  So glad it turned out OK, and this is really good to know about.
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  • Thanks for posting. The other night my brother was playing with DD and was lifting her up by her arms and swinging her. It was making me a bit nervous but then I didn't want to be critical of him. Now I realize that my instincts were right and that he shouldn't do that so I will say something next time.
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  • That sounds scary! Thanks for posting this.
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  • I'd heard of it but didn't know that it looked like they lost use of an arm.  I can't imagine how scary that must have been.  Both my kids like getting tossed around and played with and we have had to tell people to be careful of pulling their arm out of joint too.
  • my best friends son had it the night beofre his first bday....2 seconds after the dr saw him...all better....


    it was scary for her though!!! 

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