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37 weeks & bright red spotting out of nowhere?

Hey girls, I just wiped and had some bright red spotting.  I'm 37w1d today and haven't had any spotting this entire pregnancy.  Over the past few weeks I've had sporadic BH contrax and cramping, all of the normal pre-labor prep signs, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Any suggestions as to what it might be?  LO was moving normally today and I've had lightning crotch all day as well as some of the usual cramping tonight.  I have my weekly doctor appt. in 7 hours, actually.  Just trying to figure out if this is a sign of something good or a sign of something concerning.

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Re: 37 weeks & bright red spotting out of nowhere?

  • Well, it seems to have just been a few spots because it stopped.  I spoke to the on-call MW in my practice (the one who I'm actually seeing in the morning) and ran this by her because, of all of the fun pre-labor symptoms out there, it didn't appear to me as if bright red spotting without mucus was one of them.

    She said that if I'm not having contractions, no placenta issues, baby's moving fine, I'm not in pain, and it's not getting worse and filling a pad, in which case I need to go to L&D, then it's probably my cervix opening a bit.  We're going to discuss it more at my appt. in the morning.

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  • I don't have any advise but I am sure it concerned you! Glad you talked to your MW. Good luck and hope your appt goes well today!
  • I'm a lurker but I wanted to share my story.  On Friday, I went to the bathroom and thre was bright red blood in the toilet.  I went to L&D and they hooked me up to the monitors, did an ultrsound of the baby, placenta and cervix and everything came back fine.  They repeated the same ultrasound on Saturday and Monday.  Everything fine.  My cervix is long and closed shut.  They don't know why I was bleeding! 
  • FWIW- When I was 37 weeks with DD, I had bleeding and freaked out. I went into L+D and basically they said I was nuts and making it up. They said "Well, we don't see any blood or traces of blood"

    I was so mad. Like they thought I was lying.

    4 days later my water broke and DD was here. IDK what the bleeding was, per say, but I believe my cervix was opening or changing like your MW said.

    Good luck! 

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  • My OB told me that this can happen when your cervix opens.  I would say as long as it stopped your fine.  But if you are concerned then you can always call your OB to make yourself feel better.
  • Thanks, girls.  I saw the MW this morning and had more spotting while at the doctor's office.  Normally I would have opted not to be examined at this point but since the spotting was worrying me, she said that she would check me.  Everything appears to be completely fine.  I was 1 cm. dilated and 70% effaced.  I had told her about LO's head grinding on my crotch all day yesterday and she said that the spotting was probably due to either my cervix changing or LO irritating my cervix and breaking a few blood vessels.

    She said to call for sure if the spotting gets heavier like a period and I need a pad for it or if I start having pain or LO's movement becomes questionable, but that otherwise everything seems completely fine and not to be worried if I continue to spot off and on until the end.

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