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When will my baby outgrow acid reflux?

My DD was diagnosed with acid reflux when she was 2 weeks old. Since then she is on prevacid. We have been doing all sorts of things to control her reflux (e.g. burping frequently, small frequent meals, keeping her upright after feeding etc.) I am breastfeeding her. Have also eliminated foods that would make her reflux worse. First two and a half months were really horrible. It was painful to see my LO suffer. She was fine for a month and a half. Now she is four months and her reflux has started to get worse once again. Her pediatrician said that acid reflux peaks at fourth month and then starts decreasing and then again peaks at 10 months. Anyone has had similar experience. When do babies outgrow acid reflux. A little word of hope and optimism will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: When will my baby outgrow acid reflux?

  • It varies. Some babies outgrow it around 6 months, when they start solids/sit up on their own. Most outgrow it by a year. My DS is 15 months, and still has it. :(
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  • Between 4-5 months is when DS outgrew his. Good luck!
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  • Two of my kids had reflux to the point of meds. One kid did fine once the meds kicked in.

    But, we never did find a solution that worked for the second kid, though. He finally just outgrew it by 6 months and never looked back. He's such a quiet kid now, you'd never know he spent the first 6 months of his life screaming his head off, lol!

    Hang in there!

  • My baby is on Prevacid now, so I don't know. If your LO is still having a lot of problems maybe she needs her meds adjusted.
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  • My DS is on Prevacid as well and we also have him on Bethanecol (which is a propulsion agent).  He is just over 6 months and in the last few weeks since we started solids we've noticed a definite improvement in the spitting up.  It's gone down quite a bit.  He's also been doing a lot of tummy time and I think that may be strengthening that LES valve as well.

    Like PP said, you'd never guess he spent the first 4 months screaming.  He's a happy baby now.

    Gnome, gnome, gnome...

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