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What do I buy a 4 year old boy for his birthday?

In the $15-$20 range?



Re: What do I buy a 4 year old boy for his birthday?

  • You can never go wrong with legos.
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  • My 4 y/o nephew is into sports, Wii games, and sharks/alligators/any animal with sharp teeth. I'd probably suggest some sort of outdoor play game (a baseball set, sidewalk chalk art, Fisher Price rollerskates, etc) since spring/summer is coming.
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  • We're going to a 4 y/o bday party this month, too.  I know that he loves to draw and such so we're doing an "art" present: art paper, crayons, play-doh, water paint, etc.

    I've also done an outdoor theme: bubbles, a large bouncy ball, sidewalk chalk, wiffle ball set, etc.  Or a bathtub theme: crayons for the tub, little drops that dye the bath water, but don't stain the tub, bubbles, fun kid shampoo, bath squirters, little basketball set for the bathtub, a fun towel.  Or a nighttime theme: bath bubbles, a CD of lullaby music (or calming music), 1-2 books, pajamas, a fleece blanket or stuffed animal.

  • Is there anything he collects? Thomas, Imaginext, Legos, etc?

    My new favorite would be an art kit with some projects in it, crayons, coloring books, stamps, stickers, etc.

    There are also things like colorforms, just made with magnets. I can't wait to get those for DS.


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    Does he like cars?  Like little matchbox cars?  My cousin is 4 and he has like 12 cars on him at all times.  He carries them around like a wallet.
  • 4 is the age when they really start to get "into" things.  With mine it's dinosaurs, and bugs and creatures like  that.  He also like lego, and hotwheels, and bakugan (because of his brother, not so much the show) and transformers (again, mostly his brother and *cough cough* his father)

    I could buy L just about anything if it had a transformers symbol on it, or any of the things he was interested in.

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  • Oh ya, Legos or any other type of building block type stuff is good, too!
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  • My 4 year old DS is really into action figures (batman, spiderman, iron man, etc..) because he loves to play"guys".

    He also really loves the Imaginext toys. They always have really good deals on all things imaginext at Kohls.

    He also really loves puzzles and books : )

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