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Question About Bloat, Sore BBs, Cramping

If you had bloating, sore bbs and cramping as early pg symptoms, did these last throughout your whole pregnancy or did they lessen at some point?  If they did lessen, when? 

I had a natural FET and am only on Endometrin.  I have had a lot of bloat that wouldn't be due to ER since I didn't do a fresh FET, and I've chalked it up to the P4 or just early pg.  It seems like it's been less the past few days. 

Also I feel like my bbs are not AS sore as they were in the very beginning.

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Re: Question About Bloat, Sore BBs, Cramping

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    QE2QE2 member
    I did DE and was surprised that I had bloating like I did from ER. I chalked it up to the hormones from PIO and estrogen patches. The bloating has gone down a little. My bbs were very sore around 4-5 weeks, but are not sore anymore. It worries me that maybe I'm mc'ing, but my betas and u/s say everything is fine.
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    I found that my symptoms vary from day to day, and vary within the day (mornings I feel great, evenings I feel worse).  I just got back from my RE and asked her about it -- she said its totally normal for both situations and we saw the little one and he looks great!


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    jej05jej05 member
    *knock on wood* The only symptom I really have right now is fatigue. In the beginning my bb's were sore and heavy but not anymore. I also have no m/s whatsoever. I think symptoms can come and go.
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    My boobies were sore from 6-8 weeks, then it subsided.

    I had tons of bloat, and I think it got better after stopping Crinone.

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    My bb's were sore starting with the day I got my BFP. But that lasted maybe a week? Maybe 2. Now what I am experiencing is soreness that's noticable after I take my bra off when I get home in the evening... I find myself having to make multiple adjustments in bed when I go to sleep too, since I am a side sleeper. (I'm a big bb girl lol, they get in the way!)

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    Yeah, my symptoms come and go.  I wish the nausea and vomiting would take a serious hike, but it's totally normal.
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    Not sure how much this will help since I'm only a little more than a week ahead of you, but I had all those as early symptoms.  I'm still bloated, my bbs are still huge/swollen but not nearly as sore as they were in the first few weeks, and I have cramping here and there but not as consistently as I did a few weeks ago.
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    My bbs stopped being sore around week 11. Bloat, well, I "think" I'm still dealing with that. Cramping: I had constant cramping up until week 8 and now just have it every-so-often. I now mostly cramp when I'm dehydrated.

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    My sore boobs subsided in my 7th week and then were off and on (meaning one hour they would be, the next they wouldn't) for the next week or so.  I stopped having consistent cramps which I chalked up to my uterus growing around 9 or 10 weeks I think.  I had bloat until it finally turned into a real bump around 15/16 weeks.

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