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Hello again (re-intro)!

Hello, I was on here about a year or so ago while DH was gone for a bit. Then of course he came home and we got busy again which of course means I didnt keep in touch on here. DH is Acitive Duty Army Reserves and has been for quite sometime now. And it seems this year is going like the past few, where he is gone more than home, he is currently gone right now but still state side, so I am re-introducing myself. We were supposed to go England this past January, but that didnt happen, promotions happened so we are still here.  We are near WPAFB in Ohio.

As you can probably tell from my siggy I am 20w prego with our second boy!  We are excited. DS now just turned 3 years old and is a handfull sometime. Hope everyone is doing well!

Re: Hello again (re-intro)!

  • Hello and welcome back! My DH is Army Reserves as well and currently deployed. He's only been in for a little more than 2 years and this is our first deployment. We are expecting our first daughter sometime very soon!
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  • Hello, congrats on your little girl!   Will your DH be home for the birth?  This is something I worry about, we are not sure if DH will be around or not, I am hoping though!

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  • Thank you! And congrats yourself! Unfortunately DH will not be home for the birth. Or most of her first year (if not all of it). His deployment just started, but we're hoping he'll get R&R over the summer to get to meet his little girl and possibly go on a family vacation. I'm also hoping his deployment will be over before her first birthday and before the huge milestones of walking and talking start, but if not, I'll be sure those have those moments on video if I can help it! I hope for your (and DH's) sake that your DH is able to be there for you.
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