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Do you keep the covers?  I have a stack of book covers from various books that DD loves just sitting on her shelf and I'm contemplating whether or not to keep them.  What do you do with the book covers?

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    I keep them.  We've got a stack of them on the bookshelf, just like you.  Eventually, when DD starts being a little more gentle with her books, I'll put them all back on the books and secure them with a bit of tape.
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    One is still on the book.  Another is on the book shelf with the books.  A third is sitting on the desk next to me right now.

    I don't know what to do with them either.  DD takes them off, and I'm afraid she'll rip them if I put them back on.

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    We toss the covers in the recycling bin!  In my experience, the pictures on the hardcover of the book are the same as on the removeable cover.  So, we just toss the removeable ones.
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    I toss them.  I know you probably aren't supposed to but there is no way they are going to survive. 
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    No, we don't keep them. They get tossed.
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    I'm glad others toss them too....they are heading to the recycle bin!  Thanks!

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