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faint line on pregnancy test, now cramping and bleeding!?!

AF was suppose to start 3/24 and I hadnt had any symptoms of pms other than sore boobs and feeling a little more tired. Had a rough week at work and wasn't sure if I was tired because of that or not.  So I decided to take a pregnancy test. I took a first response early detection pregnancy test and it had a faint pink line, which has never happened to me before when testing. I took the second pregnancy test the next morning, Friday, with first urine and I got back another faint pink line. So I thought that I might be pregnant since it was detecting the hcg hormone. Still hadn't started my period, so I took another one with a different brand Friday night, but it wasn't a sensitive one, and it came back negative. So I decided I would wait a couple days and re-test on Sunday morning with another first response early detection test. Late Saturday afternoon I started spotting light brownish tinge, but not enough to even have to wear a pad, just enough to see on the toilet paper.  A few hours later I started cramping like I usually do when I first start my period, but usually the cramping starts right when I start bleeding, not hours later!  Today, Sunday morning, I took another two pregnancy tests. First one was first response early detection one and it was negative (no faint line in sight). Took the second one, which was first response digital one, and it said no.  Now having full bleeding, slightly heavier than my usual, and lots of cramping! Not quite sure if I should make an appointment to see my OB doctor, can they tell if I was pregnant at one time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: faint line on pregnancy test, now cramping and bleeding!?!

  • Sounds like it could have been a chemical pregnancy. Sad


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  • Did you read the tests in the allotted time frame? (The positive tests) It could have been an evap line or something.

    It may have also been a chemical pregnancy. I would call the nurse and tell her what happened, and see what he/she says. They may want you to come in for blood work/US.


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  • Yes @ ap

    I expierenced the same thing. My obgyn said it was a chemical pregnancy. I would see your dr. for a follow up. Best wishes to you.

  • I read it at 3 minutes, which is what it says on the instructions,  and it was a faint line, but definitely there!
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  • This happened to me a few months ago...ended up being a chemical pregnancy according to my dr.  I got two faint lines on first response tests and started bleeding very heavy (more than normal) a few days later. 

  • Sounds like a chemical pregnancy... it happened to me last month. I'm so sorry :( Call your doc to let them know what happened- they may want you to come in for blood work now or maybe when you get your next BFP.

    Good luck!

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  • As PPs have said, sounds like a CP, call your doctor and see if they want you to come in. I'm sorry. Sad

    ETA: I just had a CP, and I saw my OB right away. She did an ultrasound (uterus was empty) and a blood test (negative). But I had been getting positive HPTs for a week and a half, so I wanted to determine if it was a CP or early miscarriage. For you I think it sounds more like a CP, since you only had a couple days of very faint lines.

  • I am sorry for what you are going through.  It sounds like a chemical pregnancy.  Basically if you were not trying to conceive and testing early you would never of known you were pregnant.  Take it easy for a few days, and I so sorry.  ((HUGS))
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  • it sounds like you had a chemical pregnancy.  I know you must feel so sad and I'm sorry for your loss. 
  • Hi,

       As many have said it sounds like a chemical pregnancy, which is a very early miscarriage. I just had one last week. I had a positive HPT and blood test at the doctors, then had heavy bleeding and cramping, 2nd blood test confirmed a CP/miscarriage. My doctor said they're common...unfortunately. She advised I take a month off and come in for an ultrasound after my next cycle. Some doctors don't even have you take a month off. Definitely talk to your doctor, see what they suggest. 


    I'm sorry for your loss 

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