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Ovulation question!

Hi everyone!

I'm still kind of new here and trying to get everything down but I do have a question. So I was supposed to get my 7dpo progesterone test after a positive opk. I got my positive opk over a week ago and no sign of a temperature rise or anything. I have also been spotting a lot throughout this whole cycle and I'm currently on CD 33. Will I still get my period if I didn't actually ovulate or how does that work? I am supposed to get on Clomid next cycle so I was just wondering. Any advice or opinions would be fantastic :) Thank you!!

Re: Ovulation question!

  • Yes you will still get your period but it will most likely be later than usual, and lighter more brownish flow.  The months I don't ovulate my cycle is anywhere from 36-42 days and AF is only about 1-1.5 days long.  I would go and get your b/w done they will be able to tell you if you did in fact ovulate or just have a surge.

    Good Luck to you!!! 

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  • I don't ovulate and I have short cycles and super long periods.


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  • I don't ovulate on my own. If I don't induce a bleed, I will go on indefinitely. My longest cycle was 92 days- and very possibly would have gone  on MUCH longer. You may  not have a bleed (not a period unless you ovulate), so it's helpful that you are charting- so you can be sure of whether you ovulated or not. 

    Good luck! 

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  • Thanks for the replies! I guess I will just wait it out and hopefully I will get AF soon...this is the first month it's been like this so it has me concerned. Thanks again :)
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