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Um, ok.  I just had a meltdown - over the color of the baby's furniture.  Who am I?

Which would you choose (for a boy)?  Cognac or Espresso?  Why?  I bought this yesterday and I'm waiting for the store to open up so I can call and change it. 

Again, who am I?  Of all the things I thought I'd freak out over, this was not one of them.  Holy hormones. 

Thanks in advance. 

Re: Meltdown

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    I really like both!!  We went with something similar to the lighter color (the Cognac, I think?!), as we already have a matching double dresser, armoire, and tall bureau.

    I don't think you could go wrong with either one...  Good Luck!!

    Mr. & Mrs. ~ 09.08.07

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    Don't beat yourself up!  It happens!

    I like Congnac better :)

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    Thanks ladies!  I realize that in the overall scope of life this isn't what I should freak out about.  I have no idea why this was such a big deal to me.  I think I chose the color that looked so beautiful in the showroom but wasn't the color scheme I really had in my head.  When I started looking at the bedding I want and the color scheme, I realized that I wanted the other color for the furniture. 

    The good news is that my husband just talked to the furniture store and it isn't an issue to change it.  We just have to fax some paperwork over to them.   

    So now I should probably go and freak myself out over what type of pacifier my son will need.  :-) 

    Gosh do I miss alcohol. 

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