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big girl bed help?

Allie usually sleeps until 7-7:15 every day. Night 1 in the big girl bed, she came in our room at 6:45. Night 2, came in our room at 6:30. Night 3 she slept in the crib until 7. Night 4, came in our room at 6am. Not cool. What do I do??
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Re: big girl bed help?

  • Caleb does that too. He wakes up between 5am and 6:30am on a daily basis. I don't think there is anything to change it, we sometimes lay him back down and he might doze for 20 minutes if we're lucky! I WISH he would stay in bed later!!!
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  • Now this morning, she came in bed with us and I got her some milk and she fell back asleep til 8.  But this is too early!!!
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  • We bought this clock for C and we love it.  He cannot leave his room until the clock is green.  If he does, we put him back in there to play or lay down (depending on how early it is).


  • I think in general their wake times will continue to change with new transitions.  Natalie shiftrd earlier at first and now consistently doesn't get up until 7-7:30.  We don't go get her (she has door handle locks) until at least 7 if she wakes up early unless she says she has to go to the bathroom.  When she first started waking before 7, she new to play with her dolls in bed, etc. until we came up.  Her internal sleep clock seemed to adjust to this and now she rarely gets up before 7.  Sometimes I mistake her wake up noises (she moans and talks some before she fully wakes up) as her being ready to get up and she'll now tell me she's not awake yet if I go in too early :).  I don't see her sleeping later than 7:30, maybe 8 until she's older.
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