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JM's 6 week six pack

I've done two days of it now and WOW is my core feeling it! My upper and side abs (can't think of the actual names) are really sore. My low back too. But in a good way. And surprisingly so are my legs (especially my inner thighs, nice!) and glutes. 

So far I like it more than the 30DS. But I think it's because Jillian is a little less annoying in this one. A little. 

 Has anyone else done or doing it right now? 

Re: JM's 6 week six pack

  • I have not done it but I was considering ordering it.  I have been doing level 3 of the 30DS for a little over a month now and I wanted to switch things up.  I was also considering ripped in 30 but I wouldn't be able to do the workout 6 days a week because I am also doing couch 2 5k.  How long is the video?  Does it work your entire body like the 30DS?  Any info you have for me would be greatly appreciated.

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  • How often are you doing it?  I completed level 1.  I did it 2-3 times a week coupled with C25K.  I started the program right after the 30 Day Shred.  I honestly did not like it very much - hence me not moving on to level 2.  I felt like I got weak doing it since I was not working as hard as I was during the Shred.  I have a lot of Jillian's DVDs now so once I get back into the swing of things, I'll add it to the rotation.  I just feel like I got much more from the Shred.

    Keep going at it though if it works for you!!

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  • I have been doing it every other day. It's 30 minutes long.

    It's not as great of a work out as the 30DS but still good for core/lower body. I've done the 30DS twice (30days 2x, not just 2 days, lol) and love it for it's whole body kick your butt workout. But it's too hard on my knees and back.

    6W6P is not as intense, but it gets me sweating and my heart rate up. I think in order for it to be a full body work out, you need to add in more cardio and arm/upper body specific exercises. 

    It's a nice change from the 30DS. I just have it on netflix, I am not sure I will buy my own copy. 

  • Since I'm only able to fit my work-outs in the morning and there's no way in Hades I'm waking up earlier than 4:30a, I do 30DS M-F, Six Week Six Pack and/or Burn Fat/Boost Metabolism or No More Trouble Zones on Saturdays (depending on what mood I'm in), and rest on Sundays.  In a perfect world, I'd alternate BFBM and NMTZ during the week and do the abs on the weekend, but I don't have the time. Although I think she does a good job on her website of creating good weekly circuits, I need her voice on a DVD telling me not to phone it in to keep from actually phoning it in. ;c)
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