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Birthday parties - invite daycare kids or no?

I'm trying to get started planning Nate's birthday party, and I'm wondering if we should invite his friends from daycare.  We haven't for his past 2 birthdays, but now that he's getting older, I wonder if we should.  So far, he hasn't gotten any birthday invitations for other kids, but as far as I know, there's only been 1 birthday since he started there in December.  Also, if we invite some, we should invite them all right? 


Re: Birthday parties - invite daycare kids or no?

  • Opinions on this topic seem to vary widely, but I'm of the opinion that Holly's classmates are her best friends. So yes, I want to invite them all, and did for her 2 year b'day. All but like 2 came. She only had 7 other kids in the class at the time, so that was reasonable. I don't know for how long we'll be able to do that though. If there are 20 something kids in her kindergarten class one day, I'm not sure if I'll have the same opinion. :-)

    But if it's a small enough class, unless you're just inviting like one, I'd invite the whole class.

    Man--I can't believe he's almost 3!

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  • For John's 3rd bday we did invite more of his friends or our friends that had kids his age. There were only two from his daycare class that we are close to the parents so we invited them with an outside invitation - didn't bring it to school or make a big deal of it there. We did an outdoor baseball theme party with a kiddie pool and baseball stuff set up. There were about 10 kids total. I couldn't imagine a situation where I would ever invite his entire class to a party outside of what they do during school. His daycare allows store bought snacks and cupcakes for school parties. Now, if there were only say four or five other kids AND I knew there parents I may consider inviting everyone, but there are 17 kids in his class!!
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  • When Chloe was 2 and 3 we invited the few kids we knew she really liked to play with and were her good friends, even though we didn't know the parents. I kept the invitations very discrete so we didn't have to invite the entire class---which was about 15 kids!
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