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Raleigh ladies!

Any suggestions on daycares that are either half day or good quality for the price? Also any suggestions on OBs? I am really not happy with a specific doctor at my office. I go to Atrium Ob/Gyn. Well I saw Dr. Henderson today and he was horrible!!! I had the worst experience ever there - he basically told me my babies look wonderful but since I had spotting after my pap anything can happen... that maybe the spotting was a red flag that this isnt the pregnancy for me... So rude. Id love to get some info from ladies around here!
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Re: Raleigh ladies!

  • Can't help with DC recs as my DD goes to an onsite center at my DH's work. However, I can't believe the OB said that to you. Being realistic is one thing, that was downright insensitive!

    I've been going to Dr. Barrett at Capital Area OB-GYN for 10+ years. I saw most of the Dr's throughout my pregnancy, and liked them all. They have an office in Cary, and one at Rex Hospital. GL!

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  • I cant help on either account cuz DS isnt in daycare right now. And i cant help with OBs cuz i go to atrium and was very happy there and i'm sorry that u had the experience u did with Dr. Henderson. I can say that of all the doctors he was my least favorite and i only saw him once or twice for that reason.

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  • no help with daycare, but I love Blue Ridge OB/GYN. I loved all the drs at the practice and they were IF-friendly with me. never had a bad experience with any of them. They have an ofc on Durant Rd and near Rex.
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  • Spanish for Fun does half days; however it is a full time Spanish immersion program.

     Country Day Montessori also does half days.

  • Sorry you had that experience with Dr. Henderson as well.  Like akspriss, he was also my least favorite and only saw him once.  Dr. Zimmerman, Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Gray make up for him 10 fold!!  Dr. Alvarez delivered Dylan and it was such a great experience.  They are a very fun group (he had me laughing up until I pushed Dylan out!! lol).  I always saw their nurse practitioner Jill Barbour....just love her!...but NP's don't deliver so when I got pregnant is when I met all of them for the first time.  I think with any group like that, there will always be one or two you don't click with.  I think I had spotting after my pap as well (isn't it normal?), so I'm not sure why he said that.  The last line in his comment isn't the best way he could have said something, if he thought something were wrong.

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  • I am also looking for a daycare.  I can recommend Centre OBGYN.  They are located at Rex.    I have been very happy with them.


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