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big girl bed ?

Allie slept in her big girl bed Wednesday and Thursday night!!

It's been set up in her room for months now. She's been bapping in it on the weekends.  And at night I usually ask her "big girl bed or crib?" And she always wants the crib. Wed night she ran into her room at bedtime and ran to her bed. She climbed up and laid down. It took her about 40 minutes to fall asleep, she was tossing and turning. But she slept all night, came in my room at 6:45. Then last night she did not want to go to bed, but I took her in and just put her in her crib. She cried and cried. So I went back in and asked if she wanted her big girl bed, and she did. Took about 30 minutes to fall asleep, came in the living room at 6:30 this morning (DH is sleeping on the couch, to not catch the flu or strep from me).

So proud of my big girl!!

Should we just take the crib out now, so there's no turning back??
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Re: big girl bed ?

  • that's awesome!  i don't have any positive experience w/the toddler bed yet (see my post above lol).  i think if i were in your shoes, i'd give it another day or two and see how it goes, if she keeps choosing the big girl bed, then i'd remove the crib.  but if she continues going back and forth i'd be more tempted to leave it up a little while longer.. 
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  • I'd take the crib out. However, judging from my current experience you may or may not want my advice. LOL.

    I hope she keeps it up! Many--hell, most it seems--kids do great with it. Holly did too...for the first 2 months. hehe.

    ETA: I will add though, that we close her door. And there's a childproof door knob cover on the inside. So yes, she's locked in, essentially. :-) But this way we don't worry about her getting out of the room at night and wandering around. We do have a video monitor that pans the room though, so can keep an eye on her.

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  • when we were working on ds's "big boy room" i took his door knob off and turned it around so the lock is on the outside of the door... this way he can't lock himself in the room or anything... he hasn't figured out how to open door knobs yet.. but keeping his door shut is a must.  we have 6 very nosy cats and don't allow them in the bedrooms. 
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