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NBR - Magazine Sales Solicitor - Legit?

Tonight a guy came to our door - dressed nicely in khakis and a tie.  I would loved to  have ignored him, but the baby was sleeping and the dog would have continued barking if I didn't go to the door... 

His pitch was that he was homeless/jobless/in need of assistance, and if he signed up X number of households, he would earn a job (??).  He told me that number of my neighbors had signed up and flashed some names/addresses at me.  He first told me that I could sign up for up to 3 magazines and handed me his list of magazines and descriptions (the list was off of a printer...not sales/marketing style).  When I told him I was not interested in getting a subscription, his next pitch was that I could pay $20 and that would purchase reading materials and distribute them to (not sure the term he used, but) those less fortunate and in need of reading materials.  I told him that I wasn't interested and he responded, "But don't you want to help others?  To help me get a job??"

Ugh - I HATE being put in this position.  For some reason, I get flustered.  I am interested in getting reading materials to those who do not have them, but not by this method.  I HATE door-to-door sales people, and I HATE that I am home alone, but I LOVE that I have an 80 pound overly barky dog.

So, do you think this program legit?  Of course I didn't get names.

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Re: NBR - Magazine Sales Solicitor - Legit?

  • heck no. i don't buy it for a second. 

    unfortunately, i would have let my dog bark and not answered the door even if it woke the baby lol.  i absolutely do not answer the door if i don't know who it is(unless they're wearing a badge lol). they can knock all they want.  i'm paranoid like that lol.  

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  • I fell for this one time, and shockingly, never got my magazine subscription. I felt like an idiot for falling for it. My policy now, especially since I've had Holly, is to just not open the door to people I don't know. I don't even care if they see me through the window. Sometimes DH will, but I just can't handle that stuff.

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  • I don't even let people start with a "pitch" at my door.  I open the door and tell them I'm not interested.  I know, b!tchy.  But the news scares you, especially if you're home alone with any frequency!
  • oh geez.  I posted about this on FB a few weeks ago.  Same deal.  Had me at the door for like 15 min and he started to get snippy with me and wouldn't take back the materials from my hands.  It is not legit IMO.  Many complaints from the company that was at my door.  You end up getting charged hundreds of dollars (not realizing what you're signing up for) or you never get your subscription at all.  I called the cops b/c you have to have a permit to solicit door to door and our neighborhood has a no soliciting policy.

    this isn't the company that came to my door (I googled a lot that night and now I can't remember what the name of it was) but you can see it is a problem and happening a lot in our area. 

    edit// aha!!! this is the one that came to our door: h ttp:// 

    and all sorts of shadiness: h ttp:// 

    I broke the links so they wouldn't be tracked back here. 

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  • I fell for this one time outside a grocery store.  As soon as I got home I called the # on the back of my receipt and cancelled my order.  I just bought a magazine to get the guy to go away.  I cannot stand salespeople like that,  good for you for not getting sucked into his scheme!


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  • Mel - that looks like the same group!  Grrr....
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