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Calling Charlotte moms!

DH and I are thinking of moving to Charlotte, my sister lives there and my parents are in SC- so it would be closer to family.

My sister was telling me that daycares are expensive and have long wait lists- is this the case? Day care in Vegas is pretty inexpensive- we pay $150 a week- DD is 15 months old, but will 2 by the time we would be in Charlotte.

Also where can you find the in home day care providers, I have heard that is popular there as well. Thanks so much!

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Re: Calling Charlotte moms!

  • Welcome!  This website lists the care providers in the state.  Click on the top left where it reads 'Search for Childcare.'  You can search by center, in-home, church provider, etc.  Church run daycare centers are the big thing around here, especially the closer to the city you get.  They are often ranked very highly and have waitlists.

    I can't really help you with rate as I am out past the suburbs and have an infant.

    Good luck!

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  • I have a 15 month old, in a day care center and pay $168/wk which is on the lower end for a center. Home and church dc centers are probably your least expensive bet. Rates depend on what part of town you are in too...Ballantyne, Lake Norman, Southpark rates tend to be a bit higher b/c they are some of the wealthier area around town. Good luck!
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  • Like pp said - it really depends upon the area you live in as to the cost of childcare.  For infants we found anywhere from $250 - $300 / week.  In home care is definitely less expensive - probably around $200 / week.  There are long waiting lists at some places, but again - really depends upon the center and the area.  Good Luck!   
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