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Extra Domperidone

After a long battle with low supply, I'm starting to partial wean and have also decided to stop taking Domperidone.  Pumping is taking up too much of time at work and I'm stuck working late, which means less time with DS.  So after a heart to heart with myself, I'm cutting the ties to my pump and patting myself on the back for making it this far with DS only getting BM! 

I just ordered a huge supply of Domperidone and hate for it to go to waste.  I'm going to post on the BF board, but thought I'd offer here first. 

Re: Extra Domperidone

  • Feel Proud.  You did well and the best you could. 
  • Thanks!  I have mixed emotions, but know this is best for us.  I just had to realize BF is not an all of nothing deal and I can still nurse DS when we are together. 
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  • major thumbs up!!  you did a great job, and like you said, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. 
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  • I know how you feel but 9 months is great!! It sucks when your body won't cooperate but sometimes that happens.  My body started producing less at about 7 months and never bounced back. Looking back I wish I would have just let it be and not stress about it.  Hopefully you'll be able to nurse him past the year  but not have the stress of pumping. 
  • Congrats on 9 months so far and I hope u are able to nurse him as long as u'd like and not have the stresses of pumping!! Good Luck!
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  • Congratulations - 9 months is a wonderful accomplishment.  Like you - I had supply issues around this time.  I stressed and stressed for a month (pumping like 6x a day) and finally just supplemented with formula.  It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders 
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  • I'm not pregnant or anything but just curious as to where you ordered it from?
  • imageMrs.LLG:
    I'm not pregnant or anything but just curious as to where you ordered it from?


    I ordered it from 

  • Big kudos for making it this long! Pumping was such a stressful thing for me especially once I went back to work.

    I had never heard of this Dom stuff and for the longest time on the BF board I was wondering why all these new mommies were ordering so much champagne - and the expensive stuff, too!! I figured they had just spelled Dom Perignon wrong! Hey, whatever boosts supply, right!

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  • 9 months is great! my supply got low around that time & i also started working part time.  i'm not sure, but i do believe that the stress of working & pumping was affecting my supply.  i was a little sad & disappointed that we only made it that far, but it did end up being the best decision for both me & him now that i look back on it.
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