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Paci free.........well mostly

We decided last Thursday night to just stop giving ds his paci (he was only getting it at night) since then he hasnt even asked for it and has been sleeping great (even a little better than when he was using the paci). He stays with my MIL on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we talked to her on Sunday night about him not using and how we were so excited that he is a big boy now, of course she says "you are making him grow up to fast", dh tells her we dont want him to use it any more. So last night I got home and said did he do ok at your Mom's without the paci, and he said oh she gave it to him! I was so hot! I asked him why and he said, oh she is going to do what she wants to, and I said no she will not, then he says "well your Mom gives him candy before supper". Are those two things even related? Besides the fact that I dont think my mom ever gives him candy before supper, she just gives him an afternoon snack. So am I wrong to be mad that mil gave him the paci after we asked her not to? How do I get DH to talk to her about it? Or should I just say something to her?

 Sorry it was so long, just a vent!

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Re: Paci free.........well mostly

  • I would be HOT! That is completely counter-productive, not to mention undermining your parenting choices. I'm not sure if you should talk to her or have your DH, that just depends on your relationship, but someone should talk to her and let her know that is completely unacceptable. 
  • Totally agree.  You (or DH) need to talk to her.  If that fails, can you steal them away from her house?

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  • I would definitely be heated! DH and I have already had a talk about his mom budding in too much and he's only a week old! (She's staying with us for a few weeks since they live 7 hours away.) I have a feeling it's only going to get worse as he gets older and more decisions have to be made.
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  • I like the idea of taking all the pacis from her house, and talk to your DH (he needs to support you in front of her) and to her about it. Just state very matter of fact that that's the way things are going to be done, period. She needs to respect your parenting decisions. GL!
  • Oh this would make me MAD! Not necessarily the paci thing, but the general not doing what you - the PARENTS - want. How you deal with it sets a precedent for what she thinks she can get away with in the future. I would put my foot down - and have DH do the same. I'd say something and on a different occasion have DH say something, so it is understood that you - the PARENTS - are a united front.

    Good luck! I am so jealous of people who have family close by. But, this kind of thing reminds me it isn't all Brady Bunch all the time.

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  • yes, this would upset me too.  especially because you specifically asked her to not give it to him.  i'm not really sure how that relates to your mom giving him an afternoon snack...  i guess it would be a similar situation if you specifically asked your mom to stop with that snack, but she continued to do so!? anyway, i would try to get your dh to talk to her & if that doesn't work, then i guess you would have.  good luck!
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