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best place to get pullups

So Im going to try the 3day potty method with Jack starting Tuesday and i want to get some pullups to use at night time and if i need to put them over underwear at first when we go out after the 3 days. I wanted to see where u ladies have found the best prices on them. Cuz right now Harris Teeter with Super doubles i can save 3.00 but that will make them about 8 bucks for 25 pullups. im trying to look around for the best deal. Also, are there any generic pullups that seem to work looked like harris teeter might have their own brand....

 ETA: i looked at targets website and with my coupon even no doubled the pullsups come to 31-32 cents each vs. the 36 at harris teeter with super doubles.

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Re: best place to get pullups

  • yeah, I was gonna say that I saw them on sale at Target (not that I'm shopping for those yet, but I'm ALWAYS in their baby section).  

    Does the coupon have to be specifically for pullups?  (that's huggies right?)  I have a $3.00 off huggies coupon for Target that you're welcome to if it will work.  (it might not bc it says for 100-ct or larger).  expires 5/4/11 

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  • If you really follow the 3DPT, it says not to use Pull-ups at all. That being said, we followed it, and we're still using them at night (thought we were done with them last week, but she had a few accidents, so we're back to using them). I never put them over undies though. Once we started the process (after the 3 days were up), we had her in undies when we left the house too. We did do Pull-ups for longer rides at first (like 2+ hours), but not just around town.

    I buy a pack about once every 3 weeks and usually spend about $7-8 on them, using coupons and sales. I don't bargain shop quite as much as I did with diapers, since it's only about a pack a month. You can use regular Huggies or Pampers coupons on them, FYI. I mainly shop at Kroger and they have electronic coupons that you can load on your shopping card online. You can stack that with a paper coupon, so I often buy them there. Whether they're on sale or not, it's usually my best price, if I have both coupons.

    A side note--I've found that the Huggies Pull ups are really stiff and scratchy. I think that is what was breaking out Holly's skin. We switched to Pampers Easy Ups, and they're SO much softer, and her skin isn't being irriated by them. We'll probably do those from now on. I did see tht Kroger has a store brand of them, which I was going to try, but considering her skin issues, we'll probably stick with Pampers.


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  • Yeah, I know the 3 day method u dont use pullups at all but I plan to prolly need them at least for a little while at night time for sure. I had talked to Jenhum and a few times early on i know she did the pullups over the underwear so that if she was out it reduced the mess a lil more if they had an accident. But we will see how things go for us. At first I was thinking many pullups are gonna be so much more expensive then diapers but i forget that i only plan to use them at night so like u said its about a months worth. So what i'm finding with 8 bucks is prolly a good pricing. Thanks for the info about Kroger with the coupons and being able to use both. I know u can do that at target too so we shall see. Thanks for the heads up about the sensitivity with the huggies. we shall see how things go. thanks for hte feedback!
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