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Going potty at school, not at home?

DS is 3 and will go pee at school (sitll not #2) but he will NOT go for us! I dont understand! He loves to go sit on the potty at home and we go every hour, I dont force him or make it uncomfortable, we sing Old MacDonald while hes on there for 20 minutes and NOTHING! He has never gone for me but they say he goes about 2-3 times while at school...what gives? Anyone else go through this or have advice?/

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Re: Going potty at school, not at home?

  • I'm going to watch this post b/c I have the opposite problem.  My 3 yr old is recently fully PT'd at home, but refuses to go at daycare.  He'll sit on the potty if they ask him to and he'll make a half-hearted attempt, but won't really go. 
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  • This is very normal.  At school, it is a peer pressure thing when they see all of their friends going on the potty.  At my kids daycare, in the rooms where the kids are training (they start working it into the routine in the Toddler 2 room and then really work on it in the preschool 1 room), the kids all go potty at set times.  I personally would not have him sitting on the potty every hour at home.  That just seems to make it work for me and my kids would have totally refused if I did it that often.  Try making some set routine times like 1st thing in the morning, before meals/snacks, before/after nap, before bedtime.  Bring in books, sing, etc - whatever works for him.  If you want - some kids would fight any of this.  Has he ever told you when he needs to go?  Does he seem uncomfy in his wet diaper?  He might just not be ready to train and might only be going at school since all the other kids are.  That was the case with my DD#1, she would go at school for months before she was really ready to train.  I didn't push it at all, we only sat on the potty at home when she told me she had to and we only moved to undies when she was telling me she had to go most of the time, was taking off her wet diaper (or trying too!!) and things like that.  I really watched her signs.
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  • Is he an only child? It may be that he picks up the behavior at school b/c all the other kids are doing it (peer pressure at it's finest). Also, find out what the routine is at school. There could be something that he thinks is really fun in their bathroom that you could put in your home bathroom. GL!
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