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deployment and a toddler.

I ordered the sesame street dvd for my ds but wanted to know of any others books or things for a 2.5 year old on dealing with our first deployment?

dh leaves for training off and on for a few months before he's officially deployed so I know this will be hard and comfusing for ds to see daddy come and go then go.

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Re: deployment and a toddler.

  • I found several books for kids at the PX.  My DD's favorite book is one called "We Serve Too."  We also have recordable books that my H has done for the kids.  If my kids are missing their daddy, they like to hear his voice reading them stories.  They also sleep with one of his shirts. 

    I find that keeping them busy helps keep their minds off of Daddy being gone.  They still have their bad days here and their, but we have more good days over all. 

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  • I made home videos of DH saying  goodnight and playing with DD.. So she could watch them when ever she wanted.  We also got a 'daddy doll' at I like them b/c you can change the picture, and you can also get something to record a message to him. 

    Skype is amazing when your DH has time to.. I always told DD daddy was working on a dirt road and shared pictures of him working whenever he posted them.

    Maybe they can have a special daddy and me day before he goes and do a special dinner the night before?

    I hope the deployment goes fast for all of you T&P's!

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  • imageDoodler:
    One is called "Over There" (I think) It is actually sweet. It talks about how the child does things at home (like brushing teeth) and how Daddy does it "Over There" (or Mommy...there is a Mommy version)

    We have that, as well as lots of recordable books!

    We have a daddy doll, and a huge cut out of DH. We also have pictures in DS room and we kiss them goodnight everynight.

    Also skpe has been wonderful as well...

    GL! I wont say it is easy, but you can do it :)

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  • nice to see you back on here! hope all is going well with your new LO Smile

    I agree about the books recommended, and my DD loves her doll (you can get a voice recorder for it). Before leaving my DH made a bunch of videos reading her favorite books and singing songs, so DD watches those a lot. We have only gotten to skype twice in 7 months, so having the videos to play has been really helpful.

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