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I could use your help!

Hi Ladies! I used to be a regular on the L.A Nest board--so maybe I know some of you from the old days. I've mostly been on the national boards for the last few years. Not sure how many people hang out here, but I was hoping you ladies might be able to help me out. 

I am holding a big fundraising event on Saturday April 9th from 10AM-4PM. It is a combination of two different events. Mainly, it is a boutique fair--right now we have 30 different vendors who will be selling various handmade items as well as independent distributors from various companies (.mark, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, etc...) Most of our vendors cater towards women and children. Additionally, my dog rescue will be hosting an adoption fair at the event.

A portion of the proceeds (5-10% of the vendors' profits as well as from donations and concessions) will go to a camp that I am very involved in. The camp is for chronically, critically ill children, so a lot of my patients attend this camp and I have seen how life-changing it is for them. These are kids that could not attend a regular summer camp and also have very little opportunity to do anything "normal".

 We are hosting the adoption fair at the event with approximately 15-20 dogs and are hoping to get a lot of exposure for our rescue.

 If anyone would be interested in details, I would love to hear from you--and it would be awesome if any of you ladies could attend. We could also use some additional volunteers to help with the dogs on that day if anyone would be interested. Even if you can't help--I would love it if you could pass it along to your friends and family in the area!

It is called Central Avenue Boutique and you can find us on Facebook. You can also P.M me for additional information--but it will be held in Glendale at Central Avenue Church.

I also have some nice flyers that I created to help promote the event--1 specifically for the dog adoptions and 1 for the boutique in general. You can P.M if you'd like a flyer (or could help me distribute!) or you can email me at: centralavenueboutique at gmail dot com

Thanks so much!

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