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Blood clot in Uterus

I'm just shy of 7wks pregnant. My cycles can vary +/- a few days and when I first experienced spotting I thought I was around 6wks. Long story short, my OB had me come in for blood work and an ultra sound. My ultra sound showed I was likely a week earlier than I expected, we only saw a yolk sac and were concerned about a blighted ovum. After follow up blood work my beta hcgs were rising well and I was scheduled for a follow up u/s a week later, meanwhile continuing to spot throughout the week. 

At this most recent u/s we saw baby and a heart beat of 116bpm. We also noticed a large clot in my uterus. Our u/s tech said she "didn't know what to make of the clot" and despite seeing a heartbeat said we still can't be confident that the pregnancy would stick. Our OB called later in the day to discuss things and sounded encouraged by our progress and said the clot wasn't necessarily a red flag and that it could dissolve or just kind of hang around.

Has anyone else experienced a blood clot in their uterus during pregnancy? Did your doctor seem concerned? Also, do the odds of viability not go way up once a heart beat is detected?

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Re: Blood clot in Uterus

  • I had something similar.  I went in for a dating u/s at 6w 5d, saw the fetal pole and heart flickering away.  About 2 weeks later I had some spotting and they had me go in immediately for another u/s.  There we saw our LO dancing away with a strong heartbeat.  The tech also saw the blood clot, they referred to it as a perigestational bleed.  I took my u/s report over the to OB, and she was not concerned at all.  They put me on pelvic rest until the spotting stopped.  They rechecked the bleed at my NT scan and it had already been reabsorbed.  Its a very scary thing to hear. 

     T&P to you and your LO for a healthy pregnancy.

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  • I went for an u/s last week and  my perinatal doctor found a blood clot in my uterus, he is not too concerned, but put me on Lovenox and Baby Aspirin.  Also, I was put on bed rest.  Good Luck!!! 
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  • Thanks to you both for sharing!
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  • I had a hematoma during my pregnancy with DD, I started spotting before my BFP and did not completely resolve until about 18 weeks.  It is not the norm for it to last that long and I did at times actually have heavy, AF like bleeding.  I was out of work for a few weeks and it got very scary, but it did not harm my LO at all and now she's a happy healthy girl almost of 2!
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  • I too have a blood clot still.  It appears most womens will resolve earlier but of course there is always exceptions. I found out about mine after a flush of blood at about 5.5 weeks pregnant and then another at 6 weeks.  Since then, I've had lots of bleeding with clots.  I started seeing a high risk Dr at 12 weeks and still am.  I also did 8 weeks of bedrest per my OB and high risk Dr.  There is a yahoo group that is more specific to the problem. It may be helpful for you to monitor the size of the clot along with the Dr so you know what you are dealing with and can compare with other women.  For instance, one of the clots that came out was 5 cm X 3 cm.  The one I have left is 50% reduced in size from a couple of months ago and now 4.5 cm X 0.5 cm.  I'm off bed rest now and the high risk Dr doesnt think it will cause me any more bleeding issues but may cause early labor due to the all the rubbing that has happened over these 4 months or so.
  • So happy to hear your happy ending jsthomas! Thank you for sharing :)

    I haven't had any noticeable clots in my spotting yet, and for the past 3+days it seems to have stopped, at least for now. I think our plan of action now is to monitor the one clot they did see and go from there. Hopefully at my next u/s it will have decreased in size. Do you have the name of the Yahoo group? It seems like it would be a great resource, thanks for sharing it.  

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  • The yahoo group is called SCH group.  (stands for Subchorionic Hematoma)


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