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Want to tell you all something...

Today marks the 20th anniversary of my grandfather's death. He wanted to serve his country in WWII, but was told that he was too old and small. He was hell-bent on going, so he was told that he could enlist as a cook. It was not his dream enlistment, but he served his time. Years after, he gained some perspective on his tenure in the army and was proud to say that he was a cook for the Army. It may not have been the part he wanted to play, but he was proud to have served his part in some way.

Anyway, thinking about him got me thinking about all of you. Thank you doesn't suffice, but words are all I have. Thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for your strength, thank you for your spirit, thank you for serving and having DHs who serve in uncertain times. You all are an inspiration and, even if you get told this on a daily basis, it would still not be anough.

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Re: Want to tell you all something...

  • That was a great story. Thanks for sharing. My husband is in the Navy. He loves hearing stories like that. If you don't mind i'm going to share it with him. I would like to thank your grandfather for his service. He played an important part as well. 
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  • Thank you for your kind words! Your grandfather sounded like the kind of American I want to be and was proud to call America his home!


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  • Knowing that people like your Grandfather broke the trails, and knowing that you appreciate us makes doing our job much easier. So thank you!
  • Thank you for sharing this story. Your grandpa sounds like he was an amazing man!  My grandfather passed away this past October, he was also a WWII vet.. 

  • I loved hearing your story...it sounds like your grandfather was a great American who was proud of his country.  Remember that story and make sure to share it with your children and grandchildren; that's the type of story that need to be passed on to future generations!  My husband is serving in the Navy, and I thank you for thinking of him and all of our servicemen and women. 
  • Awe! Thank you for just taking the time to recognize this. Many people go throughout their day without a thought like this. Of course, my hormones suck so I cried lol. My DH says he doesn't mind when someone comes up to him in uniform to say thank you, but I see his face light up when he hears that. It is also nice every now and again to hear recognition on our end. 
  • Thank you so much for your kind words. Your grandfather sounded like a wonderful man, one that I'm sure you're very, very proud of!
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  • My husband is a cook (by choice though) and he loves it since that is one of his passions.  Many people do not really respect cooks though, it's sad really.  

     Thank you for sharing your story! 

  • imagejamie.renee:

    My husband is a cook (by choice though) and he loves it since that is one of his passions.  Many people do not really respect cooks though, it's sad really.  

     Thank you for sharing your story! 

    I am medic in a medical unit, and I tell our cooks they are the single most important section we have! Moral goes right through the floor if a unit isn't well fed, and our cooks work miracles with the rations they are given. NEVER underestimate the importance of a good military cook!

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