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How to safely ride in a cab with a baby?

Hi all,

I'm one of I'm sure many moms based in NYC (I'm in Park Slope) without a car. I'm wondering: how do you transport a baby safely in a cab? Do you need to find cab companies that provide cabs with carseat bases, or is there a way to safely strap in a carseat using just the seatbelt? What do you do when you have to travel with your baby in a cab? Thanks!



Re: How to safely ride in a cab with a baby?

  • Hi, Melinda,

    I got curious and researched this. Apparently, NYC cab drivers are exempt from the car seat rules. 

    One of the articles I found online recommended getting a car seat that doubles as a stroller. I found a link to something like this here:

    It looks like the thing, which can also be used as a booster seat in restaurants, weighs a ton, but maybe you could use it when you know you are going out in a cab. 




  • With an infant, choose an infant car seat that works without the base. Our Chicco Keyfit 30 and a bunch of the popular Graco models worked fine and met all safety regulations while only strapping in using the seat belt, not the base. Check out videos on youtube to see how it can be done. If you're not going to be using cabs often, this is a great way to get around. Once they're older, you either skip the cab, use a stroller/car seat like pp said, or you can get a fancy harness that works with the seat belt. 
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  • I use the graco snugride 35 w/ the seatbelt. You can also get the stroller for it  for more convenience of not having to carry the carseat at your destination.
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  • Hi Melinda!

    I'm in Park Slope too :)

    Supposedly if you call for a car service, tell them you need a carseat and they can include it (for a fee). I don't think the car service on 7th ave (with the smiley face stickers) has any, but I've heard the one way down on 5th ave (Arecibo I think?) does. They'll even strap it in before they get there.

    Not sure what to do if you are catching a cab unexpectedly-- I've known people who just babywear, and dont use a seat, not sure how I'll feel about that when the time comes... suppose it depends on where you are going...

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  • Some car services have carseats but you have to call in advance to secure one.  Blue Car Service (1-877-800-2583, it's on the corner of Atlantic and Court Street kind of far from you) always has one available and it's an extra $5.  However, you are required to strap it in.

    I bought the Maxi-Cosi carseat (infant carrier) and used that with a snap and go as a stroller for the baby's first 6 months (then move to teh citymini).  The carseat can very easily be installed in a car WITHOUT the base.  I have used the carseat numerous times (in yellow cabs) and have become a pro at installing/uninstalling it quickly.  It's usually hit or miss with getting a friendly and helpful cab driver but that's just part of living in the city.

    You can also (legally) use a baby carrier (ergo, bjourn) and just strap yourself in with the seatbelt.  I've done this a few times, too.  It's not the best route to go but when your in a pinch, you do what you have to.

     I don't know what will happen once my little one gets bigger!  Hope this helps.

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