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Kaiser Lakewood / normal hospital stay / Midwife

We just found out last week that I'm pregnant! I've been looking at Mountain Midwifery since I discovered somewhat by accident last year, and have wanted to go there. I have Kaiser insurance, but a POS "added choice" plan, which I *thought* would let me go to MMC without problems. Apparently not - they won't cover midwives, period. Jerks. But, I'm considering it anyway. Anyone who has any comparisons?

 On a related note, what's a normal hospital stay after giving birth? I think for Kaiser the copay for birth is something like $1000/day, but not sure if there's a separate charge for baby. I'm trying to figure out what kind of costs I might be dealing with, even if I do go with Kaiser and a hospital - which I REALLY don't want to do!

Any good hospital experiences out there, west denver area?

Doula - worth the cost?

Kaiser Lakewood - OB recommendation? Preferably one open to midwives!

I live in Golden, due in November, first pregnancy!

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Re: Kaiser Lakewood / normal hospital stay / Midwife

  • i dont have any advice as far as kaiser/midwives/doulas, but i can say that the typical stay after a vaginal delivery in the hospital is 48 hours.  longer for a c section.  ds was born at 9am on a tuesday, and they would have let me go home wednesday night if i wanted to.  i chose to stay just to utilize the nurses for one more night.
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  • Congrats!

    I absolutely LOVED Dr. Vy Rossi at Kaiser Lakewood.  She was so friendly and always made me feel like she had all the time in the world to talk to me and answer my questions.  I'm so sad my insurance switched and I no longer have Kaiser.  She was FABULOUS!  I'm not sure about her opinion on midwives, but she seems really flexible and supportive of patience preference.  

    I delivered at St. Joe's and have only wonderful things to say about my experience there as well.  Wonderful classes to prepare you for baby, as well as wonderful staff of nurses, doctors, and lactation consultants.

     As for copay, I think it depends on your plan.  I had Kaiser (through COBRA nonetheless) and only had to pay $250 total (3 night stay after a planned c-section due to breech baby).  This included the baby as well!

     Best of luck to you!

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