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I feel like I really need to pack the hospital bag

I bought the bathroom things I have read I will need when I get home (extra pads, wipes, creams etc).  The breastfeeding stuff I will be buying after my final shower tomorrow.  I feel like I really need to get started on the hospital bag though because ever though I have 5 weeks until EDD, anything could happen.  When did you ladies pack your bag.  I mean many things I will want are things I use now so I guess I just need to have a list so I can remember what to toss in at the last min? 
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Re: I feel like I really need to pack the hospital bag

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    I got mine mostly together this past week. I have a list of things to remember to grab because I use them everyday. The downside is- my comfy running pants are about the only thing fitting comfortably these days. Since I plan on bringing a pair or two with me, I will probably need to do laundry as soon I feel a contraction.

    Have fun at your shower.

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    I would go ahead and pack it for peace of mind. The worst that could happen is that you don't use it for another five weeks.

    As far as the last minute things, I would pack everything else, make a list for last minute things, and then throw those things in when the time comes. 

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    I packed my bag about a week ago. I have a lot of travel gear type stuff, so there isn't much that I will need to pack at the last minute. It's nice to ave it done so early because I keep thinking of things to add!
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    With my DD I believe I started mine a little after 30 weeks - just incase something unexpected came up. The car seat was in the car by 35 weeks. Mainly because I liked seeing it back there ; ). My DD came at 37 weeks so i'm glad I didn't wait until later to get it altogether. 
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    Eek!  I can't believe you are so close!!!!!  So excited for you!
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    Listen to me - do it & soon. I had the baby's packed, but mine I was sorta procrastinating on & then my water broke @ 36w4d, which I completely did not expect, and we were scrambling trying to get everything packed in the bag, make sure the dog was fed/walked, etc. So my advice & what I'll do next time (if we have #2), is to pack it as soon as you hit the last 6 weeks or so. If you have the stuff, i say pack it now. You're so close! GL sweetie :)
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