Where do you buy Disposanots? I did a quick google and don't recognize any of the online stores that sell them- can you suggest a reputable place? Also, do they come with inserts? They're very affordable (looks like they can be found for $12.99 right now!) but I'm unclear as to whether that's just the diaper or if it also includes an insert. If not it's no big deal- I have tons of microfiber towels from Target that I use anyhow, just curious...

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    I've always bought from with no problems. She actually threw in a couple of expensive inserts one time when she didn't ship on time. I use microfiber towels, too, or loopy do inserts which I think fit nicely in there. I love the diapers, though, they're definitely my favorites. Ethan's had several for a year and a half, and they seem new still.
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