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Crohn's + Pregnancy

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Hi Everyone,

 I want to start by saying that at the moment I am not looking to conceive as I am getting married in 5 months. However, I just had a flare up with my Crohn's and so the doctor wants to put me on Remicade, a really good Crohn's medication however, thereviews of conceiving and carrying a pregnancy full term are not widely researched. I was just wondering if there is any Crohn's people out there who have been through the pregnancy with medication or if not what you did so I know how to proceed. My FI and I discussed having a baby sooner rather than later but at the same time dont want to rush bc of health problems. I guess Im just looking for what other women did in their own situation as it relates to me.



Re: Crohn's + Pregnancy

  • Hi Amy,

                   I started Remicade to treat UC a few months ago and it has worked wonders for me. My husband and I plan to try getting pregnant this summer. My gatroenterologist told us that Remicade is now considered safe for pregnancy up to 32 weeks, the baby would be born with a trace of the medication in it's system but all that means is that they can't have live vaccines until they are six months old. She also told me that it is safe for breast feeding. I was told that active disease is more dangerous to your baby than the meds. Hope this helps. There is also a great Chrohns/ UC board on babycenter where there are alot of women who have been through pregnancy on Remicade give great advice and support. Good Luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding!




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