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Ok ladies... I'm not a tiny little thing. And I've always had big boobs. But a DD is pretty easy to find. Now that I'm pregnant it's like my boobs have been growing in leaps and bounds. I not only know what size you go to from a DD ( is it an E?)  But does anyone know any nationwide stores that sell that size? I don't think I've ever seen an E cup! Thanks ladies! The girls will appreciate it. They are tired of being cooped up!
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    I was a DD prior to pg and I have not seen any normal dept. store carry anything larger. You may be able to find it at a specialty store.
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    You need to go check out Motherhood Maternity!  Or Destination Maternity, I guess that's another one of their stores (same company).  They have ALL the sizes, even ones I'd never heard of!  And they aren't really insanely overpriced, either.  Some are as low as $20, which, for a comfortable bra.... so worth it!  (I am a DD also, so I know how hard it can be to find a good bra!)  G/L, and check them out online if you don't have a store near you. 

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    It goes:


    DD (or E)

    DDD (or F)

    DDDD (or G)

    Each additional D adds a letter of the alphabet although most stores sell up to a DDD before they switch to G, H, I.  I am a G cup normally and that is pretty much as big as most dept stores go and they are hard to find.  Nordstroms sells a few in store.  Lane Bryant sells some too, but only online.  You may have to go to a specialty bra store depending on the selection where you live.  I am having my nursing bras made for me from a specialty store.  Thankfully my boobs haven't grown at all yet.

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    Ditto Nordstroms and Motherhood. Although I was too large for the ones at Motherhood so I ended up back at Nordstrom anyway. :) But I am a 36G pre-pregnancy so it's always hard to find bras! Good luck! :)
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    Thanks ladies! I will check it out!
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