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Hi Everyone,

We are finally moving back to the Denver area and we are about to buy a new car, a Sienna to be exact. The biggest question I have is how much do we need the AWD version? I have always had it when I lived there but probably rarely used it. I have kids now and want to be safe but obviously AWD is a lot more expensive and worse on gas. Does anyone have one? Can you guys advise me on how much you think I will really need AWD?



Re: Toyota Sienna AWD

  • I loved having AWD during the winter time. We are in FoCo. And it didn't snow a WHOLE lot. But it was nice and safe on the icey roads. 
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  • I think AWD is important. We just bought a vehicle with AWD for my fiance because I have a jetta and during the winter I slide all over the road and he does not feel comfortable with me driving around in that with our new baby. So whoever has baby duty will be driving the vehicle with AWD. It gets slick sometimes and is nice to have a vehicle that can handle it I think. HTH!
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  • I live in Northern Colorado near the foothill, but not in the hills. I have a normal Sienna without AWD and it works fine. I keep up with regular maintenance and keep a good tread on my tires and I have never had problems in bad weather. The street I live on is one of the last ones plowed and I can still get my kids to school in the mornings. So I think that if you do not live in the hills you would be fine without AWD, but that is just my opinion and experience.
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