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Any moms to be out there of mixed families

I am a mom to be for the second time, but this time I am having a child with someone of a different ethinicity. My first child I had with someone of the same ethnicity. Does anyone have any advice, those who has been through this or is going through this?

Re: Any moms to be out there of mixed families

  • I dont know what kind of advice you would like but i can tell you all my children are mixed im puerto rican and  their father is black... my dad is racist (hes dark skinned and could pass as african american himself) and he doesnt like black people and talks bad about them... I cut him off we def dont talk no more im not going to put up with someone who believes that other people from another race is lesser than them after all you dont choose what you want to be when you are born so its just plain ignorant and pathetic
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  • Well, I?m not pregnant yet, but trying. I?m American, from Charleston originally and my husband is Mexican, so when we do have children they will be mixed.

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  • I grew up n a "biracial" house hold n im not gona lie to u the older generation of ppl are mostly the ones ive noticed that have a problem with it but to be honest they can kiss my butt!!! I love my lil brother n im proud of it when ppl give us dirty looks i just smile n think that im happy with my life n if they want to waist theres haten somthing that came outa love then its there life n live urs and be happy! I must say tho my niece is mixed n a lil boy the other day told her he couldnt play with her because she was brown n she balled her eyes out to my sister n she just had to tell her his parents are mean n thats shes perfect! Just watch who u suround urself n ur children with! Id say when they get older talk to them about it so they can better understand it ignorance not hate!
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  • Even though we're both brown, I'm black and my husband is Nigerian/Dominican. So it's kind of hard because I feel like my FIL looks down on me because i'm not "African". So at this point i'm going to teach my children both of their heritages, and love them regardless. Oh well it will be okay.
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  • I hate the term mixed. To me it sounds like you're talking about dogs. My husband is black and I'm white. What really throws ppl off is that my oldest child is white. There is a good but of racism here but for the most part we ignore things unless it's right in our face. Me & kids were at grocery store and a man made a comment about how those half n half kids made him sick. Before I could get a word out my older son who was 12 told the man off. Other ppl in the store were upset as well. Honestly I have had to develop thicker skin.
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