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What age did LO get his/her first haircut?

Torren was born with a full head of hair. Baby Elvis sideburns and all. Of course, it fell out really randomly and although new hair has been slowly growing in he now he just has a bad comb-over in the front and a bald spot in the back. I think it is funny in a baby way and know lots of half bald little old man babies. But it is driving DH crazy and I swear he asks every day if we can give him a haircut. He's only 4 months old but I just don't think he will make it to 1 year, which is when (for some reason I don't remember) I always thought you waited for to cut a baby's hair.

So when did you first cut your LO's hair?

And because every post is better with a picture, please see my sweet baby's kickin' cowlick and bald spot :) HAHA. I can't help it, I love it.



Re: What age did LO get his/her first haircut?

  • That looks WAY better than Sophies hair looks right now!  I will have to take a pic, seriously- her bald spot is crazy.  I'm afraid she is on her way to looking like her brother did by his first haircut.  Gavin's was so bad by 6 mos that we had no choice and had to let SIL give it a trim.  Here's a pic from right before then- BAD BAD BAD!!!


    The good news is that it immediately started coming in thicker and fuller after that trim.  Here is a pic from one month later- still a little messy, but so much fuller!


    I don't know that we will make it to 6 mos w/ Sophie.  Thinking of letting SIL give her a teeny trim in a few weeks just to see if it will help it grow in faster.






  • Benjamin was about 17 1/2 months old and Noah just got his first hair cut this past Saturday.  He turned 17 months yesterday.  Noah's was a hot mess - half curly, half frizzy and sticking up all in the back.  I should have gotten his hair cut months ago but he's my last baby and I was feeling sentimental.  I'll PIP a before picture when I have a chance.  But slw is right, as soon as I got B's hair cut, his hair started growing in tons.  I'll be interested to see if the same happens for Noah.  

  • Grant had a ton of hair (the same bald man syndrome, light on top...heavy around the sides and back). We took him for his first haircut at 6 months and he has gone monthly ever since. Reid didn't have much hair in the beginning, so he didn't get his first haircut till 11 mos...didn't wait till a year for either of our boys.
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  • Both of my kids have a head full of hair.

    William had his first haircut at 8 months.

    Samantha's right at 6 months. Her hair was out of control and it looked like she had a mullet. Looks so much better after the haircut.

  • Ben was two but he didn't have much hair up until that point and Kerwin just turned 2 in November and he still hasn't had a haircut yet and he has a ton of hair we actually have it braided, I want it cut like last year but DH insists that cutting his hair will be like taking away his strength-I know he's crazy!!
  • Caroline was over a year old for sure. 

    She was also born with a head full of dark brown hair, but as it started to fall out it came in blond.  Her bald spot was pretty bad - my grandpa called it the reverse toupee - ha!  She also didn't really start to lose it until 4-6 months.  So he'll probably still lose a good bit before it starts to grow back.  

    I think the whole wait until they are a year thing is just a superstition, so if you want to give him a haircut, just go for it.  Though they change so much in the first year that you never know how it will grow back in!

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  • I think both boys had their first by 8 months...and I'm willing to do it as soon as necessary, random hair growth/bald spots drive me crazy!!
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  • PS I think the comb-over is freaking adorable!
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  • Brady had the same problem with the bald spot and comb-over.  He had his first official haircut at 1 year, but DH cut the comb-over part at least a couple of times before then.  I'd say the first time was somewhere around 6 months.
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  • Max was born with a full head of hair, and it stuck straight in the air for about 5 months.  Thankfully it never fell out (well, maybe a teeny bit), but it was so long we had to get a hair cut right at 9 months. 

    Max has the same cowlick as T.  so cute!



  • That is hilarious.

    I think he was around 10 months old or so. 

  • My boys pretty much had no hair until after they turned a year old.  Ethan got his first cut at 18 months and Jack was 21 months old.  Now that they have a full head of hair, we have other problems like cowlicks!  It's almost impossible for the two of them to get a good haircut.

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  • P is almost three and has not had a haircut.  We like her hair cute and kinda wild.  I bought a Groupon to do it but we can easily tie her hair back and its out of her eyes.  Isaac will be getting a hair cut as soon as he needs it but so far he has been truly blessed with great hair.
  • Addi is almost 3 and  I have not taken her to get her hair cut.  I have given her very small trims just to get the dead ends off and rid her of the weird mullet she has twirled her hair into but i've left the crazy hair for now. I figure once it gets long I'll take her and get it shaped.  
  • Bailey was born with tons of hair and never lost it. He got his first haircut at 4 1/2 months in Disney and we've gone every 6 weeks or so to a lady in Decatur since. Right now it's been 8 weeks b/c he's been so sick and he looks like he has a mop on his head.

    Bryce on the other hand is just now getting  more hair so I think he will not have to go until closer to a year old.

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  • We had to finally give in with MJD's at 8 months.  Same thing, he popped out with a full head, really never lost any.  But one day I was messing with it and noticed a slight bald spot but because he has so much, his hair covered it :)  After numerous "oh what a pretty girl" and my brother in law telling my MIL that DS looked like a girl DH had enough. It was getting really long around his ears and back, so we threw in the flag and got it cut.  He looked SO much better so I have no regrets!
  • We still haven't cut Derek's hair because its just now started to really grow in and it is still too short to really cut anything.
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  • From my experience I can tell you that there?s not a proper age for a first haircut.
    It's more about how much hair they have than how old they are. At my salons, we once gave a first haircut to a 4 week old! Just don't cut his cowlick too short--that's what makes them stand up.

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