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Anyone else using the birthing center or regular L&D? We are trying for the birthing center, but if my placenta doesn't move up a bit, we won't be eligible.


Was wondering if anyone else had been there and had any tips! (Like how the heck to get the classes scheduled on that awful automated phone system!) :)



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Re: St Lukes/Roosevelt

  • My OB delivers at both the birthing center and L&D, depending on your needs/wants and any complications that arise during delivery. I haven't gone for a tour yet but have my sequential screening test there in a few weeks.  My friend had planned to deliver in the birthing center but due to low blood pressure she had to be moved up to L&D, baby and mom came through fine and she still had a med-free delivery, the only difference was that her husband couldn't stay the night the way he could have in the birthing center. 
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  • Hi, I'm going to Roosevelt on Tenth Ave tonight to do the hospital tour...will post again after. Has anyone taken the Baby Care & Feeding & Infant CPR classes they offer? It was a little more expensive than I expected at a hospital, $175 for you & your partner for two class meetings, 2 1/2 hours each class.

     I also have a friend who planned to deliver in the Birthing Center, but was moved to L & D when her blood pressure was too high...wonder how many women who start in the Birthing Center actually deliver there? I did find a cesaeran rate for Roosevelt, it was about 28%. 

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  • Hi, I am not delivering at SLR but I have had three friends that have.  Two did the birthing center but one of them ended up in L&D due to bleeding and then ended up with a c-section.  Still not sure why it ended up this way as she was in labor for over 30 hours before the c-section and was doing it without meds but then had to have an epi which resulted in emergency c-section...  My third friend had a breech baby so ended up with a c-section as well.  Both of my friends who delivered in L&D had private rooms, so their husbands could sleep in it with them (and great food options).  You just need to make sure your husband requests a private room (and gives credit card) as soon as you go into L&D.  

    The rate for c-sections in NYC is pretty high... I'm at cornell and I think its around 34% or so, but the Doctor told me its because they see more high-risk and older patients so it distorts the numbers.   (Both of my friends that ended up with c-sections at SLR were low-risk 29 and 32 y/os.  The one friend who delivered through the birthing center was around 35/36 y/o and more high-risk).


  • I had my first at Roosevelt and had a decent experience.  The L&D nurses were great though postpartum was hit or miss depending on the shift.  I really like that their NICU is really highly rated just in case.  I am high risk so didn't consider the birthing center.  Going back to Roosevelt for #2 since my specialist only delivers there. 

     Leave a message on the phone line for the classes.  Jo Leonard is the head.  She's super sweet and knowledgeable just understaffed.  We're still in touch with our birthing class friends from #1. :)

  • We are having our baby at StL/R and I've really enjoyed our experience so far. Does anyone have experience or tips for getting a single room? I have submitted our reservation form - but is it likely? 
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  • I delivered my DD at SLR and had a good experience, although it was very quick as I stayed home most of the day.  We were too late to get a private room the first night so my DH had to sleep in the ER waiting room as live about 40 minutes outside of the city. I think the trick is to have DH try to reserve the room the minute you arrive.

    This time around we are using the midwives and are planning to deliver at the birthing center . . . have heard great things, haven't signed up for classes yet.

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  • Hello ladies I love all the feedback about this hospital but I'm very confuse about the birthing center and the actual hospital. Are they different depending on wheter you have a midwife or a General Obstetrician? 

    My doctor is Katrina Bradley and I was planing to change for midwife Sandra Woods, any feedback on them?

    I will like to know the diference between continuing with my doctor or changing to a midwife when it comes to the birthing center and how I,m goign to be attended.

    Thank you Ladies. 


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