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LO has red spots develop only when straining?

Yesterday I noticed for the first time that when my LO strains for a bowel movement or just to stretch/yawn these half-dime size red spots show up in the middle of her forehead. As quickly as they appear, they disappear. Anyone's baby do this? It seems so odd, just started yesterday and has happened today also. Is she about to bust a capillary or what? I don't think she is in pain when it happens, but of course hard to tell if she is straining and that is why she did it. 

Re: LO has red spots develop only when straining?

  • No worries! It's most likely a salmon patch/stork bite which is capillaries under the skin. It's something that tends to go away on its on with time. You're LO is lucky that it only shows when she's straining. Both of my kiddo's have had them where they're visible at all times. My DD's faded away a long time ago but my son still has a giant "V" on his head!

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  • J+MSJ+MS member
    It's a stork bite, DD has one!
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  • imageJ+MS:
    It's a stork bite, DD has one!

    I had to look this up and my DD has a very dark one on her lower abdomen, and she has the redness on the back of her head...which has progressed to just under her neck in the back.  She also gets the redness on her eyelids, especially when she is extremely tired.  Her veins in her left eyelid make it more pronounced in that eye, the veins make it look like she has a black eye sometimes.

    I was wondering what the red spots were called!   

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  • They are stork bites. My older DS has 3 different "birth marks", one on each leg and he also has a hemangioma sort of in the middle above one eyebrow. I'm told it will eventually go away. Also watch the stork bites on the neck, they get "redder" if they have a fever or are crying or whatnot.
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