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Hair Dye while TTC/Pregnancy?

Hi Ladies!

 I have been lurking for a few weeks. I havent seen anything about hair dye/highlights while TTC so if I missed this- I appologize!  I am trying to figure out my thoughts on hair dye during TTC/pregnancy as I have been highlighting my hair for years. Everything I have read seems to say as long as you are not in your first trimester it is fine to continue to dye your hair. I am wondering if any of you just dyed it back to the natural color so you dont have to deal with this during pregnancy? I am thinking about doing that, but I am supposed to O Saturday so then I was thinking that might be bad too- to get it dyed during the time of ovulation with the chance I did get prengnat this time?  I know I am probably over thinking this... Would love to hear your thoughts! 

Re: Hair Dye while TTC/Pregnancy?

  • It is OK to color your hair during pregnancy. Right now, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. It will not affect you TTC. During pregnancy, all you need to do is make sure you are in a very well ventilated room which most your good salons are.

    Some women are still against it, but I spoke to my doc about this and I've also researached and it's really ok to do it. But everyone has their own preferences and you should go by what you feel most comfortable with :)

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  • I dyed my hair right before I got pregnant and it wasnt a problem. I agree with ppl, if you dye while preggers, make sure its well ventilated (same goes for nail salons)
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  • It shouldn't be a problem.


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  • Hairstylists don't quit working while pregnant and they work with the chemicals for 12 hours a should be fine.
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  • It's fine, although my OB did say to wait until 2nd Tri when I was actually pregnant. It really is fine though, before, during and after!

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  • I dyed my hair all through my first pregnancy with my OB's blessing.  Don't sweat it.
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  • I'm going to say while you are TTC it isn't a issue but once you get KU... I'm not sure. My hair dresser told me that once I got KU we couldnt do high-lights but everyone else I hear this topic from says its fine... so idk Confused
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  • Don't stop living your life just because you are TTC...there are going to be 9 months of "can't."  If you are that concerned, dye it back to your natural color now.  If you are comfortable dying it (which a lot of docs are ok with these days...) once KU, then go for it. 
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  • I had heard/read different views on this. Friends told me their doctors said that highlights were fine but dying the whole head was not (since it touches the scalp).  Then some other people said that it was fine as long as you were in a well-ventilated area. Others said don't do it at all, it's not worth it. So, over a year ago I got my hair dyed back to it's natural color. I hate myself with dark hair!  But I kept it up...and now that it's been over a year, I still hate it dark,and I'm still not PG, I went back to blonder hair. I can't put my life on hold while TTC!

  • I actually just read an article at work about this.  It was a bunch of "myths" about pregnancy.  It said that it was ok to color your hair when pregnant.  I figure if we're giving these out in a L&D unit it's probably ok. 


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  • From my experience, I dyed my hair (whole head) the whole time. It makes no difference if the chemicals touch the scalp or not. It's being around the the smell of the chemicals that worries some doctors. So yes, being in a well ventilated area helps (i.e. not your bathroom with the door shut and no exhaust fan). But I've found that it's mostly a matter of opinion. To each their own Big Smile GL!
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  • I think you are fine to dye it while TTC and even when KU.  I have asked my best friend who is an OB/GYN and my regular OB/GYN and both have said it was fine. I wouldn't worry about it. :-)
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  • Thanks everyone! Its nice hearing all of the different opinions! 
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