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Mirena AND Nuvaring ?

I went to the gyno today to have my IUD removed due to cysts on my ovaries. My Dr. was against having the IUD taken out for some strange reason. So she inserted a nuvaring also. She said it would eliminate my cysts every month. I have never heard of this....have any of you? TIA!

Re: Mirena AND Nuvaring ?

  • I used it for a bit. I hated it.  I could totally feel it during sex & it even came out a few times during sex, and it just felt like I had a gigantic ring in my hooha!  It is not 1 size fits all in my opinion.  GL I hope you like it!!!
  • I had the nuvaring and HATED it. It made me so "dry" that sex was painful. Of course that was when I actually had sex because I had no libido on it. FWIW, my BFF and sister had the same issues on it too and also quit using them.

  • I think think it seems odd to have 2 forms of birth control....hmmmm
  • wait she didn't take out the mirena?  That does seem odd.  does the mirena have a hormone or is it hormone free?  I'd maybe get a second opinion if it's not hormone free.  I mean I'm sure it's fine since she's a doctor & I'm not, lol, but it couldn't hurt to ask.
  • I believe it does have hormones. It was another dr in the office that i saw. I think im going to call my normal dr, because i just dont feel right about it. I still feel like crap because of the IUD PLUS i agree, the nuvaring feels like an uncomfortable ring!
  • That sounds absolutely crazy to me, I would take the nuvaring out until I get a better explanation from your doc. Mirena most definetly has hormones and so does nuvaring, so what are all of those hormones going to do to your body? I have the paragard, which is the non hormonal IUD. I would call my regular doc asap.
  • I liked the Nuvaring, had no issues with it. Basically cysts do well with monthly cycles of birth control hormones, like the pill. There's a week that it's out, which is why it's better for that than Mirena.

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  • i just called and of course she is not in the office today :( i told the receptionist and she was like "wth???" I figured the dr knew what she was doing, but it seems like overkill!
  • Wait, I just realized that she left the Mirena in. I would ask about the potential risks associated with using both at the same time. Both have hormones, which increase the risk of blood clots in the lungs and legs and stroke. So it seems like hormonal overkill. Although both are low dose separately.

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  • i just removed the nuvaring...not worth the risk. Hopefully ill get a call back from my normal gyno tomorrow to discuss removing the iud.
  • I have never heard of this.  I would definetely talk to your regular doctor.  I have heard mixed reviews of both forms. 
  • FWIW, I loved the Nuvaring when I was on it. I've tried a lot of BCs over the years, and Nuvaring was my favorite.

    But I'd be pretty skeptical about being on two hormonal BCs at the same time. I'd definitely get a second opinion on that one...

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  • Umm that is BSC! I would take out the nuva ring asap!
  • I had this happen to me!  I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and asked to have the Mirena removed.  I really don't like how I feel on it.  And, the doc said I could just start using pills or whatever in addition to the IUD.  I have both right now, but I'm scheduled to have the IUD removed (finally).  I had to tell her a few times that I did not want the IUD at all.  I don't know why she wanted me to keep it.  I guess bc it's expensive?  
  • My reg. gyno called today and assured me that it was ok to have both, but for a short period of time. I guess she wanted to see if my cysts quit acting up and if they did than we would remove the IUD. She did mention cost too, but luckly my insurance covered the whole amount.
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