Never fly solo w/ two kiddos!

I left NY yesterday morning and had two stops with the boys (going to AZ).  It was a very long day and I will never do anything like that again.  The kids were good as gold but I was a wreck.

Why does it seem like layovers before kids were so long and you had nothing to do?  Yesterday, I barely had time to change diapers and feed the baby before getting back on another plane.

Then we had boarded our last plane (3 1/2 hour ride) and we were delayed b/c of weather.  So we sat on the runway for over an hour.

Fun, fun, fun :)

We're home safe, that's all that matters...right?

Mommy to three adorable boys!

Re: Never fly solo w/ two kiddos!

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    You are very brave :)

    My friend just made a flight from Austin to Germany alone with her 18 month and 2 month old - I just think she's freakin insane!

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    Wow-you're a much braver, more patient mom than I am!  I flew up to AK and had NO layovers, and I was a mess by the time it was done!  There's NO WAY I'd do layovers!!!  Good for you though for doing it.  And if the kids did good, then great!!!
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    You are my hero.  The thought of plane travel with both my kids - even with the help of DH - makes my head spin.  (We actually cancelled a trip we were planning to San Diego after sitting down and talking logistics of lugging two car seats, a double stroller, etc, etc.  It was going to be a vacation and just the planning was becoming more stressful than it was worth!)
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    It is exhausting, isn't it?  I love lay overs with the girls, but I make them as long as possible.  Like you said, it takes that long to change diapers and maybe pick up some food for the next flight.  My mom said something to me about how DH and I should go out the first night we're at Disney because that's the day we'll be most rested since we're not doing anything but traveling.  Huh?  It takes me days to recover traveling with both girls (or even with one).  It's worth it and they are really great travelers, but it takes a major toll on me.
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    I've done TX to AL a couple of times.   Which can be one 2 hour flight or a mini 30 min and then the 2 hour....

    I try to keep in mind flight times, layovers, and all kinds of stuff when I book.  

     I agree though its exhausting and nerve wrecking at times.  Although, I love going home so I will continue to do it.  Hailey is great on the plane; N is getting to the tough stage

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