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Anyone birthed at UT hospital in Knoxville?

I'm giving birth in a maternity center but UT is my back up hospital and I know almost nothing about it, its policies, or its OB's and how they work.

I'm not much for c-sections, I don't know if anyone knows how they feel about vaginal breech births (not a huge risk for me but something I feel strongly about).

Pitocin, if it is rather routine if they decide your taking too long.

water labor (laboring in the shower or tub, not necessarily birthing)

Push positions (I like the birthing stool and standing)

Epidurals, if they are very pushy about it. 

Rooming in, breast feeding, never keeping the baby out of sight of at least on parent, I want to give first bath.

I know if things go awry a lot of this probably wont happen, I just want to know how they feel about these things during a perfectly normal birth. Any help with any of these areas would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Anyone birthed at UT hospital in Knoxville?

  • I delivered at UT in December.  I can answer a few of your questions but not all. 

    C-sections.  This I discussed with my OB group as they always have someone on call at UT, so I am not sure what the policy is for the general on call OB is.

    I had to be induced due to low fluid, so I can't comment on whether they would have pushed it or not.  Again I discussed this with my OB.

    They don't have tubs in the delivery rooms.  There was a shower in the room, but since I had to be induced and had to have continuous monitoring I was unable to use it.

    Since I had an epidural I was confined to the bed, but I do know that they have birthing balls and squat bars available, and they seemed pretty open to other options.

    I made it to 7.5 cm before I asked for an epidural.  They did come in to talk to me about it when I was first admitted and I did sign the consent forms then, but I didn't feel like it was pushed on me at all.  They did ask what my birth plan was when we were getting set up in the room.

    Rooming in is encouraged and I was able to breastfeed within about 15 mins of giving birth.....LO had a bowel movement during delivery otherwise it would have been within minutes.  They do have a nursery so that if you want a break to get a bit of sleep, you can use that.  We chose not to.  They did take her to do the first bath...I am not sure if you can do it instead of them.  They have a couple of Lactation consultants on staff that work a 9-5 (or similar) shift.  Be sure to ask to see one of them as soon as possible. 

     The do free tours of  L&D at UT so I would suggest calling and going to one.  This is a link to a guidebook that they put out that may have some more answers to your questions

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