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4 yr. B-day Party Venues in/near Putnam County?

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I live in Brewster NY, in Putnam County right at the borders of Westchester County, NY & Fairfield County, CT. I need a recommendation for a birthday party venue for my DD's 4 yr b-day in May. Thanks!

Re: 4 yr. B-day Party Venues in/near Putnam County?

  • Jumpin Jeepers in Mahopac, Jumpin Jakes in Fishkill. Not sure of the name but they have a bounce place in New Milford too. 

    On 22 in Brewster is a gymnastics center. also in Danbury near the mall is another gymnastics center. 

    In Brewster near Kobackers is a play place.

    You could also have a bowling party right in carmel. 

    Stew Leonards has lot of themed parties to pick from.

    We have been to parties at each place except Jumpin Jakes. 


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  • Our kids share a birthday:) Expect mine will be 1 this year AND I am from Brewster but live in Carmel now.

    I agree: Playscape in Brewster, Bowling, Red Rooster minigolf, Stew's

    Gym Spectrum (Danbury), Gym Magic (on 22) 

    Mall: Build-a-Bear 

    Michael's Crafts I think does birthdays also.

    Animal Kingdom does parties

    Picnic at Castle Park? 

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  • This is probably geared more towards boys, but a friend just brought her son to a bday party at Home Depot.  Apparently they do a project there, and then they all went to a pizza place for food and cake.  I thought it was a great/different idea!


    There's also Chuck E Cheese in Danbury too.  I'm guessing that 6 is too young for ice skating, but there's always the Brewster Ice Arena.  Otherwise, the other ladies came up with everything else I can think of.   



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  • Oops- I just realized that your dd is 4, not 6!  Disregard ice skating :)
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  • I live near Brewster....I think all are good recommendations.

    The only other place I can think of is Wings Over Water on 22. 

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