Go home or tough it out

I am working on a month long cold now, and it was getting better but today my head feels hot and the rest of me is ice cold.   I could tough it out, I am off tomorrow (although I have the kids tomorrow so it's not like I am completely off and can sleep all day) and DH and I are going away Sunday - Tuesday......

Re: Go home or tough it out

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    I would go home and rest up while you can.

    Hope you feel better!

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    I would go home and get some sleep.  I had to  do this and miss a couple of days of work so I could get rid of it.  The doctors are the ones who suggested it to get rid of it.  I hope you feel better soon.  Take care and enjoy your time away
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    I think I would want to to go home.. that way you're rested for your trip!
    Hope you feel better! ?
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    definitely go home so you can rest up a bit.  I hope you feel better soon!

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    Go home, rest, get better. 

    Besides, I'd much rather my coworkers go home if they are sick then risk spreading it around. 

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    if you have PTO days to take, I would defnitely go home and get rested for your trip.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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    Honestly, I'd probably try to tough it out, unless you are truly miserable. You're already there, and you're taking days off next week, right? If you can get to the dr. tomorrow, go then. If you can't because you'll have your kids and can't go with them, then maybe I'd try to get a later appointment today and take a half day, or something.

     Good luck, and I hope you feel better. Being sick is the pitts.

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    I wouldn't actually need to use any PTO time to that's a good thing, maybe I'll leave around lunch time and work from home the rest of the day..........
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