Do you have trouble finding clothese that look decent?

I did a little shopping last night. I'm trying to find a dress to wear to a show that dh is producing the beginning of November. Plus I need some work pants and jeans.

I must have tried on 30 different dresses until finally settling for two. I'm still not completely happy with them, but they will do. Either my pouch showed, my hips were too wide, etc. Doesn't help that when dh gave me a massage last night and I sat down in front of him, he made a comment about myass being wide. Ugh!

On a side note: are all jeans suppose to be worn semi tight these days? They fit great everywhere, but they were a tad tight in the thighs. Not sure if that is the style or if I'm just fat.

Re: Do you have trouble finding clothese that look decent?

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    Yes!  My body has changed so much after two babies it is hard. I do well at NY and Company usually.
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    Yeah, I do. I have a long torso, somewhat short legs for being 5'9", and hips, with a small waist and I seem to be in between sizes at the moment.

    I have a lot of trouble with pants.


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    My biggest problem is that I can't find any shirts, anywhere. Sizing has gotten completely insane in the last couple of years. I pick up a size XL, and hell even the XXL!, and it seriously looks like I could fit my thigh in there. It's like every single shirt made now is meant to be skin tight. Not everyone appreciates that style.
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    I have the hardest time. I think from now on, I am just going to get stuff that I like and then get it tailored to fit. I am only 5 feet tall, so almost everything looks awkward on me. I used to be able to at least wear stuff from the Juniors section, but now I am a little too "curvy" for those styles. Ugh.
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    Pants are the worst!  They expect everyone to have skinny thighs, whether you're a size 6 or a size 14!  I am in between sizes and absolutely nothing fights right anymore!
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    A: You are NOT fat.

    B: You do NOT have a wideass. (Not that I'm looking at yourass, but you kwim.)

    C: Shopping is a big PITA unless you're a size 2.  I've come to realize this since having L.

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    AW - thanks excited! I happen to like myass, but dh seems to have a problem with it. Hellhe doesn't even have one, so I have to make up for both of us right? LOL

    It is just so depressing going to shopping now. I used to love it (before P), but now I hate it!

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    Just to add my own vent to yours - I have the HARDEST time finding stuff that is appropriate for work - and it is business casual here! I'm at that awkward size where an XL sometimes fits, sometimes doesn't - and the 1X size usually just hangs on me and looks horrible. So I went to Lane Bryant since I knew that their pants started at like size 14 and I'd probably find something work appropriate for the tops - NOT at all. Everything is shiny and SUPER patterned. It was horrible. When I was looking for work clothes to come back to work it was the most awful experience ever. I ended up ordering a fortune online and had it all shipped to my house. I can try it on there in peace and return what I don't want. I have a really big box in my foyer waiting for me to hopefully find something to wear.
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    Yeah, jeans either are too tight on the thighs or are total mom jeans.  I have found some i like though at JC Penney.  They are Liz & Co Chealsea I think.  And fake wrap dresses are great for camouflaging stomach pouches.
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    I recently got some pants from Oldy Navy and love them. 
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