Now I have the Dora song in my head...

"Come on vamanos, everybody let's go...."


Re: Now I have the Dora song in my head...

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    And thank you, now so do I. Between this, and your new sig, I'm just going to not be your friend today. :(
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    And I do too!
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    LOL Dai...sorry...I feel like if I could sing it really loud, here in my office, I'd be OK and it would be gone.  But the fact that I can't...well, it's keeping it in my head.  I'm afraid I'll start humming it subconsiously!

    This vintage L thing is killing you, eh?  I have too many newborn pics...and he's so big now.  Last night he threw an entire bucket of water on me while he was taking his bath.  I have to do *something* to remember the innocent days! :P

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    I think it's just a lot harder for me knowing that those days are over for me, you know? At least after Seigi was born I could daydream and look forward to doing it again the next time. But now, it's just no more for me. And this one is my favorite pic so far. The little sleeping newborn face....oh it just gets every time.
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    LOL, probably because when they're newborns & they're *actually*'s the best thing ever! ;)

    Yeah, I can see're DONE, done?  For sure done?

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    Just did it...just caught myself humming it at my desk...

    Tongue Tied

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